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I can't play the game. There is an issue with the keyboard when I play. All my control groups go bat #%*! crazy, rally points don't work, if I press M it disables sound without pressing the control key.... then when I exit the game my keys don't work on my keyboard. I have to restart my system... as it stands now I won't touch the game with 10 foot pole. ugh!
Should I re-install? Cut a chicken open and dance on the blood? What?
Sum1 in another post said "go to your system prefs > expose and spaces. Click on the spaces tab, and change "To switch directly to a space" from number keys to the null "-" option."

I have windows 7.... where the heck is exposes and spaces????? system prefs is your control panels, right? Which control panel? Ugh!

This is so frustrating... !!
The F-keys no longer functions...!! emphasizes on"F"!! When I press a number key to select a control group, it instead assigns all the selected units to that control group, effectively writing over all my control groups. The camera won't center when I double tap a hot key.... but it will center over a mineral patch if I select a mineral patch!!

Re-install doesn't help...
Sacrificing a chicken doesn't help...
Kicking my dog doesn't help...

I guess this is my chance to break free of this addictive game, maybe go outside... since no help in sight...
I give up.... no help, no response...
BTW, I bought the Collectors addition, the regular boxed version, and the download version, 250 dollars flushed down the toiled. I called support and a a lady I couldn't understand was less help then here.

I guess i deserve this. Because I'm addicted to this freakin game :(
Try a new keyboard.
If you have another keyboard like soap said that would help troubleshoot this.

What kind of keyboard is it?
It's a Saitek Eclipse. I just borrowed my friend;s keyboard - same problem. Ugh. The weirdest thing after I exit SC2, the keyboard is unusable, none of the keys work, and the keyboard thinks the CTR key is pressed.... this is after I exit, and only when I launch into a 1v1. If I just mess around in the menu and never play a 1v1 everything is fine.

I restart my system and the keyboard is back to normal. I play several Mass effect 2, Dragon Age origins with no trouble with the keyboard. It only happens with SC2... I find the same exact problem in the Macintosh forum, but the solution is for a mac, not windows ! ugh!

I tried “Disable OS Keyboard Shortcuts” in SC2’s Gameplay with no effect.

I've been playing SC2 without any problem everyday since the BETA. It SUCKS when your addicted and there's seems to be no solution. Worse, it's like WTF??? Who could ever imagine this sort of problem. I wouldn't in a million years because I never had a problem like this since I've been gaming for over 10 years :(:(

This is the exact problem I'm having but it's in the Macintosh forum:

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