Zorca's Text Adventure Two

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03/11/2011 6:25 PMPosted by gamegeekkl
Head in with the rest of the crowd and try to stay close to Clark, Isaac, and Maribeth.

03/11/2011 6:25 PMPosted by FuNbOxIII
Complain about the lack of turkey sandwiches.

You walk with your friends, and tell them that you think you should get served turkey sandwiches at training. They just sigh at you.

Everyone is settled in the Viking bay, and the Drill Sergent looks at everyone expectantly, wanting them to do something..
duct-tape FuNbOxIII's mouth shut.
say ready to take orders
03/11/2011 6:28 PMPosted by InFinitY
say ready to take orders

You force out the words "Ready to take orders". He just shoots you a look, then continues looking at the crowd with a disapproving glare. He hints "Same as yesterday, maggots!"
((Zorca's hint : Figure out what the crowd of disarray should do!))
Follow the crowd. (no doubt they're heading to the walls again just like yesterday)
cover FuNbOxIII in stun grenades, duct tape and wd-40. then dump on 3 tons of quick-dry concrete.
mutter something incoherently but obviously derogatory about his lineage as he speaks
whisper to maribeth "im going to tk you i hope you know that"
go to the wall and grab a gun
execute lolcats. it hits chuck norris for 9999999999999 damage -1 for base defence and chuck retaliates for 1 damage! lolcats wins! norris is unconsious and turns back into his true form... A TROLL! then he is covered in the same thing funbox was covered in and funbox is also covered in it.
((You are not in a Quadrent. You're in the main bay, that has doors to the quadrants. THink about formations))
go into the quadreant
Grab your friends and anyone you're SURE was on your team yesterday and point them towards your quadrant from yesterday. Leave the other team to shamble around in disarray (or atleast be a bit behind in organization)
((Kay I'll continue)
You speak up, yelling, "Get into Platoon lines"!

The crowd melds in to chaos as everyone runs around getting into place.
follow suit
Take command of the group and give them strategic formations

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