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Hey all,

I switched to my bootcamp of Win 7 to play SC2 because of the crazy graphics issues (game runs so smooth now at higher settings its silly), until the issues are fixed.

One thing I am trying to figure out is how to transfer my ingame save states from my Mac side to PC side (also to my laptop when I end up using that when I am out of town - also a PC).

I've spent the last hour trying to find it in the file system but i think its late and my brain hurts or something because i can't locate it. I know I can just continue the campaign but i do actually save a bunch in these missions as i am an achievement nut and would like to bring them over to the different machines.

Any help would be very appriciated!
From what I can tell the current place in the campaign (last save or autosave), all achievements, etc are cloud based but the individual save games are not (cause they are not showing up on the other machine).

I've read that they are stored on the windows side in the blizzard profile somewhere on the HD but i couldn't find an actual directory path to that location and must assume the same must be true for Mac if they are not auto transferred.
Ok after reading (mac performance guide written by Frost) I found the two locations.

They are for Mac : /users/"user"/documents/blizzard/ bla bla bla/ saves/

PC: same path for Win 7 ironically (on the Win 7 partition) . Go Win 7 for finally following Unix home folder design.
thanks for finding this and posting the solution. Appreciated!

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