Destiny quit???? :(

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You're owning bro
OP failed to comprehend article so now he's backpedaling and pretending to troll
wow what a great thread
This post is two years old...
Did you not read the link? I think the community will miss and find it hard to replace Destiny. ): I really wish Blizz would fix these balance issues concerning ZvT.
01/12/2013 04:20 AMPosted by Valsoriel
I have to agree with the OP here, and I don't blame Destiny for quiting. Terran are ridiculously overpowered especially against Zerg. I can't hate you for the sound decision.

What's up with resurrecting this thread? But while on the topic Destiny is a piece of !@#$.
Just ignore thread again and let it die. I am only posting cuz its at the top atm
he just plays LoL on Team Liquid now, and never talks. he is a wastoid and a shell of his former self.
Good. He was a disgrace to sc2 esports, I would be glad if he renounced his dedication to even bothering to play sc2 altogether. The LoL community can have some fun with him, he'll fit right in there.

Also, talk about a necrobump, whew.

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