Zorca's Text Adventure Four

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((Was wondering why there was no response, derp))

Left off with:
((Time for you guys to vote whether or not I write a ton more, or if you want me to wrap up this story))

You're waken up at 9:00 am by Jack, and the other people in the room seem to already be awake. They all seem to be lazing around the room. Trinity speaks , wondering out loud if she'll get food - after all do Protoss eat?

As if to answer her question, a Protoss walks in with a box of Battle Mix, saying that he believes this is what humans use for nourishment. He sets down the Battle Mix, leaving the room again. You, Maribeth, Trinity, and Jack's squad all grab some bags to eat.

Jack speaks, "So I got some new news. It's.. not so pleasant. We're heading to ((will be edited in when you guys vote whether or not I should wrap up)) boys - and girls."))
You find yourself in a field with a picnic basket full of Stim Packs and Kerrigan and Nova are unconscious on the ground next to you.

What do you do?

((Wake up.))
You wake up to find yourself in bed with much butt-hurt laying next to a naked Raynor and Tychus (in his armour).


Man Zorca - way to miss a good dream opp
I think that dream is illegal for minors.))
Can someone please fill me in? I lost track when Zorca became a viking(way back in Zorca Ad. 1)
I say end the story, the popularity has already died down, and we need a big bang to end all of this. Maybe a suicide mission where you sacrifice all your team members including yourself to save the Umojan Protectorate(I've always wanted Umoja to participe in some Starcrafty way, they haven't gotten much attention in the SC2 series)
Don't let it die!))

Eat the Battlemix and ask him if he had any orange juice.
((http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2228413651?page=1#0 read this allllll Cpt))
I vote the ending breaks the forth wall in some way.
TBH though...i hate to see this die :(
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I'm casting a Lv. 3 Thread Revive.

Story ::

You find yourself in a room with no windows. There is a sh#t covered chair in the middle of this dark room. You are sitting in this chair, your ankles are strapped to the legs and your wrists are strapped down to the arms. There is a little technicolor capable television with a broken screen on a stand in front of you, the chord is chopped off and you can see it's bleeding some sort of acidic substance which seems to be eating away at the floor. You watch as this cold, lifeless television turn itself on and the dials tune it to the proper station. On this station you observe an old lady walking down the street which is at a slight incline of about 5 degrees. She is wearing a cute sundress that would be better suited on a 20 year old. An updraft picks her up and throws her onto the roof of a nearby shop where the seismic energies are originating from. She stands up and throws her body about, the sun falls behind clouds and a red portal opens up in the sky. Lightning and tallboys pour out of the portal as this old lady, who turns out to be your mom, turns into a demonic hell spawn and smashes her way down into the building.

The ceiling collapses and the demon you saw on the boob tube is staring you in the face.

What do you do?!

[Further Reading]

Your mom is a Lv. 10 Mountain Dragon from the Black Rooster clan. She spends her afternoons trolling Team Liquid Forums with smurf accounts and much proxy ip action. She has Lv. 18 Firebolt of Zeus Rooster which deals area damage of much very. She may cast a Lv. 54 Shroud of Depression which will incapacitate you for 3 turns. Her third and final attack is Lv. 67 Climax of Rooster which has splash damage.

Not suitable for stoners.
((Sleeping now - tomorrow I write, looks like all the voters don't want me to conclude the story yet))
yea i was still looking on zorca ad 3 didnt even know there was a four :/
((Yeah keep it going!!!!))
Interupt what Jack is saying "There's no orange juice!" QQ
No death!

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