Zorca's Text Adventure Four

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go find the raynors raiders!
fine if there arent any zerg then just fly around until you find some zergs, after getting naked
You decide to walk with Maribeth, abandoning the plateau, for now at least. You get to the group - not a large one, but hopefully it will be able to hold out long enough for the Raiders to do whatever it is they are doing. The image of the moving body flashes in your head. You pop the cockpit window open, calling to Jack. He walks over, and you relay the news about the body.

The SCV continues to build his building, and it seems to be becoming a domed type space. Jack frowns solemnly, and tells you to come with him to investigate. You head off with him, and Maribeth stays behind, watching the SCV do his work.

The two of you are at the top of the plateau again, and the body still seems to be slightly moving, almost crawling. Jack stares down at it from where he is - it's maybe a 20 feet drop so he can't exactly walk up to it. He calls out to it, telling the body to move its right hand if it can hear him. It doesn't.

Jack looks left, then right. He makes a decision in his head, turning left and walking to the end of the plateau - it slopes off into the valley. He crosses down, then starts walking towards the body. He gets two feet away from it, staring, before asking the same question he had previously asked.

This time, it answered. As if possessed, the body rose up. Now that you could see the front, you could see that it is covered in blood, and mangled, and torn. It.. had to be dead..How? Jack takes a few steps back, when your question was answered.

An Infestor unburrows itself from the ground, shooting green sacs out and spreading it around the area Jack is. The risen body raises its rifle, but Jack is too quick, firing at the Infestor and breaking its link with the body. They both fall to the ground.

You see your team running up from their landing positions, to see what the gunfire is. Before they make it up, the eggs hatch and infested terran are surrounding Jack. In the sea of bodies - and including the large pile you saw by the Nydus worm chasm, there is a ripple of movement. Then it happens.

Nearly every body you see rises up, raising their rifles. The infested terran are also trained on Jack. He's pinned. Your team walks up to the plateau, and gasps in horror at what they are witnessing.
cause terrible terrible damage
AoE destroys large groups lol
All is silent. The wind howls through the valley. Time stands still. There's too many. So many. Swarms. Jack.

You scream from your Viking, raising your fist inside your cockpit, "FIRE!" Your voice shatters the silence like a light infused hammer smashing a mirror, echoing across the valley. All at once your squad fires down at the infested terran and neuroparasited bodies. Their guns also start firing.

It is too late. While the threat has been neutralized ... so has Jack. There were too many. Your squad couldn't kill them all before they all fired on him at once, ripping his combat armor to pieces.

The eerie silence returns. Every man and women stands quietly, staring in disbelief. Already a casualty. Jack is already gone. Your team raises their visors - Maribeth raises her cockpit. Wind flicks everyone's hair side to side. Time is again stuck in place.

A tear rolls down one squad member's face. Then another. Then another. Everyone sheds tears. You've been on Char for such a small amount of time.. But the zerg have already taken someone. Where was the grand battles where no one fell, and they held out? This was a terrible sneak attack, taking Jack's life without much done that could of stopped it.

This is when you had a euphemism. The Zerg strive to kill, strive to follow the commands given by Kerrigan. The zerg, they didn't care how they killed. They didn't care who they killed. They didn't care when, or where. You didn't either.

You pressed down your cockpit. You flicked switches, and your Viking started transforming, lifting off. Soon it started zooming away. Sitting here and waiting for a building to finish, and hoping Zerg came your way wasn't going to solve anything! You had to take action! Not waste time!

Voices exploded in your radio, asking you what the heck you were doing, or telling you your going to kill yourself. You didn't care. This wasn't for you, it was fun all of the Koprulu sector. You muted everyone that was clamoring. In the silence a female voice appeared - Trinity.


In that one word, there were so many more. Anger. Misunderstanding. Confusion. Hopelessness. Regret. Hope.

((P.S : I'm trying to improve the writing level in this now- tell me if you ever get the chills xD))
((*gives CPR to thread*))
This is the only thing i can think of.

"War always change, tactics change, they'll always be casualties. People will die wiether that you know em or not. Don't let your emotions overwhelm you in war, don't cling to the past or to those that died, let your emotions take you, if it doesn then you yourself will lose focus, lose focus the zerg will get you, if you die others will die. Focus your mind, *starts yelling* chin up, focus, and look foward so we can get the f-ing job done and we can get out of this goddam hell hole!!"

think i made a good speech even though my communciation skills suck. =p
Engage as much air forces as possible before you go down in... A BLAZE OF GLORY
I use my lvl 28 revive spell on the thread, alas can only be cast on enemy corpses
Rather than try to encapsulate that same amount of emotion into one word, you give a sort of mini speech to Trinity.

"War always changes, tactics change,and there will always be casualties. People will die whether you know them or not. Don't let your emotions overwhelm you in war. I'm not letting my emotions doing that. I won't sit around while the Zerg are plotting. I'm going straight to them. I don't want to lose my focus by sitting around in wait - I want to kill them now, before more have to die."

Trinity takes a moment to think about what you said before responding, "This is the wrong way. We can stay here and hold out until the Raiders finish their job! You're killing yourself!"

You mute her as well.

You hear the roar of an engine, and see Maribeth following you. She speaks through the voice comm, "Not letting you kill yourself that easily."

You smirk, responding. "At least some one is on my side." Good, Maribeth was there for you, unlike everyone else.

She speaks again, " I'm not on your side. This is stupid. " You mute her too. No one was there for you, it looked like. Bah. They're fools, really. All of them. Including Trinity.

Soon your radar starts blinking. Good. Zerg. They'll pay for what they did to your home planet.

After a few seconds of flying, you see what the radar was . Not much. Just a hatchery and some surrounding structures. Was very tiny, almost like an outpost.

It will fall.

You tilt forward, firing missiles and raining bullets down on the structures. Creep splashes wildly and the buildings, if they can be called that, spurt and sputter. They break apart, and you soon see Zerg rising from the ground from the burrows they had been lurking in. No imminent threats, until a Hydralisk comes crashing and thrashing from the ground.

You veer away, landing on the far outskirt of the outpost, going into bipedal mode. You fire upon the encroaching zerg, and when there is a clearing.. an idea pops into your mind. You slide open the cockpit window, jumping from the viking onto the oozing creep. You take the toilet paper from your near infinite stock, teepeeing everything in sight. The toilet paper covers -everything-, and it's apparent cheapness shows, not absorbing any liquid at all!

Perfect, for what you have planned. You run back to your viking, but before getting in, you spray a circle with your fire extinguisher, surrounding your vehicle with foam. You hop in now, muttering to yourself, "I hope this works."

You fire a bullet at a strip of toilet paper on the edge of the buildings. You wait.

The toilet paper has a char black circle that slowly spreads. Come on..

It works! The toilet paper ignites, and starts spreading everywhere, to all the other toilet paper. It sets everything on fire, and the entire area is roasted Zerg and Zerg buildings. It's a giant blazing inferno, incinerating the Zerg.

Apparently Maribeth had be circling around. She lands next to you now, her mouth agape. Her hand leans over to the voice chat button, so you quickly unmute her.

"Rokan. You son of a gun..As much as you're disobeying, I did not see this coming."

The fires continue to burn, you'd think it'd be slightly more immune to fire, it being Char and all. Oh well, your name is Rokan and you've got a new title - Screw-Physics Physicist Rokan.

((done for tonight. I am really sorry for putting this off. agh, can't say i've been busy, i've just not wanted to do this. sorry guys D:
Go on to the next encampment and work your way towards the Raiders!
nice way of useing our items from the story, and ya ^^
I then continue, taking more toilet paper from Maribeth. I ask if she wants to destroy some Zerg.
the story has turned TL:DR for me please some1 other than zorca (zorca being a busy man) sum up for me what has happened in fewer than 4 sentences.

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