Zorca's Text Adventure Four

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Zorca, you must join the new thread for randomness like you did last time.
It's my thread labeled 'Weird Gameplay Questions [NEW PURPOSE]"

As you were, back to your stories.
sneak two ojs from jacks bag and help maribeth get her stuff slipping the ojs to with a cocky grin.
You grab two orange juices, slipping one into your bag. You walk to Maribeth, all the while the two men's argument gets louder. You hand her an orange juice with a cocky grin, and she frowns, waving it away. You bend over to help her get her stuff.

Jack grabs his orange juice bag, scanning the room for who did it. He spots you, walking towards you.
disappear into the crowd and start talking to Trinity.
Confuse him by asking him: "Is the answer to this statement no?" And promtly walk away.
(Just kidding)
Blend away from Jack.
I agree w/ starting a new adventure tho
walk up to jack and ask about what the aruguement is about before he can say anything about the orange juice in an attempt to distract him.
did our story die?
seems so zorca hasnt been back in a while.
I is sad....
I'll start a new one in honor of this one if you guys would be into it. Basically the same thing except avoiding the viking and I'll be on everyday.... If you guys still want to do the text adventure thing. :p
it would be just like a zorca, cept your panda face would replacing his wolfie face, but i'm ok with that idea, still let him finish before you start up one like it.
haha i fear he'll never return :'(
You try to get away from Jack, but there is not much of a crowd to disperse into. He walks up to you, a stern glare. Then he laughs. "Could of just asked for one, y'know." Maribeth giggles, having also thought you were a goner.

Jack speaks again, "Anyways get your stuff, we're going now." Everyone picks up their things, and stands at attention before Jack, whom turns and walks out the door. Everyone follows him through the halls, until you are in the hangar. Protoss are waiting for you here, and guide you to a transport vehicle. The bottom of it opens up into a ramp, and people shuffle through. You follow along, into the vehicle.

The inside is futuristic. It glows, and has many lights. It's tinted a light blue. There is a strip of buttons on one wall, and they seem recently installed. There's a door on the far side of the section of the transport you're in, and it doesn't seem to have any way to open. There are some cubbyholes in one corner, and other walls are lined with what seems like a bench. The floor is see through like glass, although right now you only see the ground of the hangar bay.


look in cubbys for anything useful and await the protoss.

gonna start my own text adventure, Feels like this thread is dead/dying, even with zorca periodically updating the story. Still excited for the conclusion of this epic story, and not trying to beat zorca, just feels like its time for new adventure. Besides, people can look at two. :p Look up Pandamonium's Text Adventure! Thanks for the inspiration zorca.
maybe you shoulda waited for the end, but zorca seems to have less time these days (or is it hours how long have we brought this going on?) imma come post in yours too but i wanna see zorca end this one
ask maribeth for a farewell kiss, and after she slaps you and grinds your #!%%%%!#% into dust go ask trinity if she can heal you, and if you could get a farewell kiss from her too

also see if you can get a cameo in for pannda's story, that would be awesome

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