Zorca's Text Adventure Four

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You look in the cubbies and they're blank, although you see other member's of Jack's squad doing the same. You put your stuff in a cubby next to where Jack put his, and soon everyone else seems to follow suit.

It doesn't take long for the cubbies to be full. The humans in the room all sit down on the long bench, you scooting between Maribeth and Trinity. Suddenly you feel yourself lock into place, some invisible force keeping you - and everyone else - sitting down. At first a wave of panic hits everyone, but they soon calm down.

The door of the ship closes, and lights blink on brighter. You feel the ship starting up with a whir. Suddenly it shoots out of the hangar, and everyone slams into each other like dominoes, before the ship levels out at least. After a few minutes of getting yourself together, you look out the window to see yourself cruising straight towards a volcanic red planet full of lava. Trinity gulps, and Jack seems mesmerized.
Ask Jack, "what's going on?"

then go to Trinity, hold her arm, and say "Don't worry, I'll protect you."
You hold Trinity's arm , telling her that you'll protect her. Maribeth twitches, and seems not to notice - or pretends to. Hearing murmurings from everyone now, you decide to ask Jack what is going on. He responds gravely, "Welcome to Char.."

Apparently other people had heard, and suddenly the murmurings turn into frantic talking. Everyone is in a state of panic, although they are restrained by the bench. A lava flare is seen on the planet's surface. Maribeth tries her hardest to show more fear, and Trinity melts, eyes lolling back as she passes out, slumping against you.

One of Jack's squad members shouts, "What are we going to do!"
Give trinity a hug then go to the captain's deck, shout: "lemme ask the captain!" then ask the captain what will happen at Char
You give the knocked out Trinity a quick hug, then look at the transport area door that lead's to the Protoss' captain deck. You would ask him, but once again you seen no way to actually get in. Maribeth slightly loses her cool, trembling once before regaining composure. Even Jack himself seems to be trying to hold himself together.

Trinity wakes up, looking around then shaking as she thinks about what is going to happen. Maribeth starts shaking too, when a voice penetrates your mind, and appears to penetrate everyone elses.

"This is your driver.. everyone is going to be sent in a pod to one of your battlecruisers that are nearby. Please choose a partner and distance yourself from others."

Maribeth and Trinity both look at you, wondering your decision.

brace for landing!
Get Trinity, and tell Jack to take Maribeth, then wink at Maribeth
Oh, and Maribeth.
btw, what are two vikings (you and mary) gonna do when you land? haha
03/29/2011 4:49 PMPosted by Pandamonium
btw, what are two vikings (you and mary) gonna do when you land? haha

Panda go attend to your forums -.-

I say that the character takes Trinity, dun worry, I have plans
((one vote trinity
one vote maribeth))
maribeth? again trinity seems to have a thing for jack
03/29/2011 5:11 PMPosted by InFinitY
maribeth? again trinity seems to have a thing for jack

Well, i think what the main character just did broke that

Does the main character have a name, anyway?
Maribeth: 2
Trinity: 1 ))
grab maribeth and trinity, theres plenty of room in a single pod for three
((Maribeth: 3
Trinity: 1

This is a big story line moment BTW, choose what you really want. Giving this 12 more minutes))
Zorca i dont want to wait 12 minutes. MARIBETH GOT 3 VOTES JUST MOVE ON WITH TEH STORY.
Actually, I change my mind. Trinity.
03/29/2011 5:21 PMPosted by CaptainTig
Actually, I change my mind. Trinity.

thank you, trust me, Im known among my friends for being an amazing writer, I guess I could do a text adventure, but I probably will when no one is currently doing it

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