Zorca's Text Adventure Four

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holy crap next vote takes it
choose Trinity, I will help Zorca make this epic with your choice!
Yes I agree with Milcro
PS3 won't let me quote
man we are really torn between these two fictional ladies arent we.
03/29/2011 6:04 PMPosted by Deafmute
man we are really torn between these two fictional ladies arent we.

writer's urge to pick the right choice
trinity: 4
(Sleeping, will continue story tomorrow, hopefully I'll get the last vote))
hate to be the tiebreaker, but choose trinity and leave marabeth with jack
ugh such a tough choice....

um um trinity, no maribeth, no wait trin, no mari, AAAAAAHHHHH

trinity has fought and can heal, maribeth has fought but also kicked our butt, AAHHHH

kiss trinity and take maribeth!
see its a tough choice i still think the bad@$# choice would be to grab both of them and sqeeze into one pod they both want u, they can share
trinity wins yay
You nod a Trinity, telling her that you choose her to go in the pod with you. Although it's just a pod to the battlecruiser, it was still a vital choice in the women's minds. Maribeth nods solemnly, turning on her heel quickly and half storming half walking away. Trinity slinks away into a corner, feeling slightly guilty. As you go over to walk with her, you see Maribeth partner up with a random member of Jack's marines.

Trinity asks you why you chose her over Maribeth - adding she thinks you hurt her. How how she would of been if you chose Maribeth, "Completely totally fine with it, uh huh yup."
Once back on the battlecruiser (which i just won a game with lol) apologize to maribeth.
soooo, alone in a drop pod eh.... i know what he is gna do in there ;) ...... be a total wimp and sit akwardly on the other side in silence till they get to the BC .... o yeeaa.
Camo, 4v4? haha

Get into pod with trinity; put arm around her, justify it with saving space
You raise your eyebrow at her curious wording, but decide to leave it at that. A few minutes of waiting, and the the walls open up next to each partner group. You see the pod chamber, and it looks like it can maybe fit 3 people. You step in with Trinity, Maribeth watching, but she then is pulled into her pod.

The door slides closed, and you are Trinity are both in the windowed pod, in the distance you see the battlecruisers. You scoot awkwardly to the right side of the pod, with her on the left side. You twiddle your thumbs, and she hums, waiting to see if you'll talk. The pod rumbles, starting up.
((Helllloo? *turret voice* are you still there?)

((PS if anyone wants to play some 4v4 or something tell me - bored))
Ask her who she likes better jack or rokan
dam see i told u three people could fit in there
Say "Trinity, When we get to Char, try not to get into too much trouble
You decide to speak up, asking her if she likes you or Jack better. She just awkwardly looks down. She says nothing, and the pod makes more starting up noises.

Again you talk, telling her "When we get to Char, try not to get into any trouble.". She lifts her head, slowly nodding before awkwardly standing there again. You hear a countdown , and the pod shoots off into space.

Char is beneath you as you are flying over to the battlecruiser, and it seems malevolent. As if it were alive, and just wanting to murder you right where you stand. Trinity is also staring at the planet, facing away from you. You're both looking into the devil's eye.

After a few minutes of flying in space, your pod is caught in a tractor beam of the battlecruiser. It pulls you into it's hangar, and you see the door of your pod sliding open, with crewmen looking to see who is inside. The other pods also appear in the hangar by you, having been held in. The man peering inside speaks, telling you to identify yourselves and state why you're here.

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