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How would you guys feel if they replaced ultras with brutas? It kinda makes sense to me as neither of the zerg massives can attack air units.

also i love their model
You mean makes no sense right? I always did feel bad watching them herp derp their way through the zerglings.
oh and for anyone that hasn't done the campaign
They can hit air. Pretty hard too.
So basically you want to replace our clumsy but dangerous splash damage melee t3 Unit with a slow as hell (slower than unstimmed MM ball) single target melee unit with a fairly strong 6 range anti air attack?
No thanks, brutalisks are way to slow to be worth using in any circumstance. Hydras would do a better anti air job and ultras do a better anti ground job.
03/22/2011 4:40 PMPosted by SpaceAdmiral
They can hit air. Pretty hard too.

yeah, thats what i meant, both massives right now can't hit air... so it would make more sense if this did.

Zerg are fine w/o brutas, and ultras are ok... unless you also have lings

I realize zerg is fine, but lets be honest... ultras are a little less than okay, especially compared to the other race's massives.

if they do add it it will get nerfed, those things are beast
I doubt they'd just nab the exact same unit from the campaign, obviously it would need some tweaking or a really high cost/build time.

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