Known Issues 3.15 [Updated: 6/20/17]

Bug Report
UI and Online
  • Using Rewind in a game with the WCS GameHeart extension mod causes white rectangles to display on production structures.
  • Engine/Game Systems
  • New – Skipping Back while left-clicking on the minimap during a replay causes the the camera to lock.
  • Using the Insert and Delete camera angle hotkeys can cause the camera to transiton to unintended angles.
  • Alt tabbing while the starting cinematic is playing can cause the client to freeze.
  • Game Content
  • New – When Fenix is allied with Vorazun, his Arbiter Suit's Cloaking Field does not apply Vorazun's Veil of Shadows buff.
  • New – When playing on the Co-op mission Mist Opportunities, there is a location where some of Alarak's units may get stuck after using the Mothership Teleport.
  • New – Saving the campaign during the ""For Aiur!"" mission then loading that save causes the player to be unable to save during the next mission.
  • New – Fenix's Colossus does not trigger the evacuation ships when placed on the green objective circle for the Co-op mission Miner Evacuation.
  • Logging out after completing a mission during the Campaign will cause its progress to not be recorded in the Master Archives. Workaround: If the player views the Master Archives without relogging, the Master Archives will successfully update.
  • Stalkers and Dark Templar can display the wrong Blink or Shadow Stride cooldown when in the same group.
  • In rare circumstances, it is possible for a Liberator to be Abducted by a Viper, then remain in Defender Mode.
  • Completing the Void Campaign sometimes does not unlock the Epilogue missions. Some workarounds are available.
  • Judicator Zealot Psi-Blades are not distinct from standard Zealot Psi-Blades.
  • Mac
  • Saving a map file in the component file format, can cause issues if the user has the map folder open in finder.
  • Issues that Should Be Resolved in 3.15
  • New – On the Skins page, no sound plays for Hellion transformations and not all correct sounds play for Viking transformations.
  • New – When viewing a player's profile after a match, the score screen no longer stays behind the profile window.
  • New – The Tastosis announcer's GG lines are being overridden by in-game alerts that play during the Victory animation.
  • New – Fenix's Suit Attack Speed mastery tooltip displays as 0% when mousing over any of his top bar buttons.
  • New – When playing the "Friends Like These" mission in the Heart of the Swarm Campaign, if the Hyperion levels up and clears a Bonus Objective area at the same time, the player does not receive credit for the Bonus Objective.
  • Players that relog while awaiting the next round of a tournament will be forced to forfeit and become stuck in a tournament.
  • The Performance tab and the Score Summary tab have display issues in 3840x2160 resulutions. -This only occurs in 4k resolutions
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