Known Issues 3.9 [Updated: 12/14/16]

Technical Support
UI and Online
  • New – Stukov Stats are missing in the Score Screen
  • New – Match History is sometimes not loading on the Europe region.
  • New – The Highest Career Finish stat can become stuck and won't update.
  • Engine/Game Systems

    Game Content
  • New – Commanders will always state the enemy AI is Terran on Miner Evacuation.
  • Stalkers and Dark Templar can display the wrong Blink or Shadow Stride cooldown when in the same group.
  • In rare circumstances, it is possible for a Liberator to be Abducted by a Viper, then remain in Defender Mode.
  • Co-Op AI are inconsistently using decals.
  • Nova's Covert Banshee missiles all launch from only one of its missile pods.
  • The icon displayed on the command card while targeting Swann's Concentrated Beam is incorrect.
  • Loading and unloading Kerrigan's Zerglings out of her Omega Worm causes her "Units Produced" to be inflated on the end game score screen.
  • Completing the Void Campaign sometimes does not unlock the Epilogue missions. Some workarounds are available.
  • Issues that Should Be Resolved
  • Save game files can get stuck taking players back to archives after completing the FlashPoint mission.
  • The Map, Info Panel, and Command Card may load in black after the mid mission cutscene during the Essense of Eternity mission.
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