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beef seemed to be long term afk so i figured id copy his with the addition of te posts other ppl were adding. this is a literal copy+paste of his with the addition of the additional threads reccomended

Hi Everyone,
Rather than having to constantly refer people to all these different great links and threads for learning, I wanted to compile them in one place. Most of these are oriented towards newer players, but some are great reads/views for players of any level...

How To Terran:
MVP BeamMeUp's q/a thread. Get answers to specific questions from plat, diamond, and masters level players in here.

<a href=""></a> a tvz guide

New and Bad at SC2?:
This is a mentoring thread, allowing newer players and more experienced players to hook up and practice in-game.

The Art of Terran Macro:
WinterBorn's fantastic thread about the power of Terran Macro and how to develop the mid and late-game play.

How To Micro:
How To Attacking:
How To Scouting:
How To Build Orders:
4 more great guides by BeamMeUp.

Help Low Level Players Here:
Another good thread for newer players. This one is split between having experienced players evaluating newer player's replays and matching up mentors.

Hotkeys: Learn 'em, Use 'em, Love 'em:
Master-level player Charger put together an excellent instructional piece on training yourself to use hotkeys.

Terran and positioning:
Diamond level player OTL put together a nice guide on the importance of positioning your units and how to do it effectively.

Team Liquid SC2 "Liquipedia":
Lots of standard build orders for all races.

YouTube Casts:
Good strategy videos

<a href=""></a>
Top 200 Master-level terran player gives instructional casts.

Adebisi's casts and replays:
Master level terran player training and replaoys.
Entertaining shoutcasters

Mattness' awesome Top Starcraft strategy casts AND Livestream:

Master-level halby educates and evaluates his replays. Very amusing:

WinterBornRH's livestream:
You know him, you love him. Watch WB fight his way up the ladder in diamond.

Probably one of the best casters for overall strategy and how to think about the game. Also pretty entertaining.

Live Streams:
TL has a list of active live streams by top tier players.

How to Tan Toss:
A great little build vs Toss that focuses on the raven.

5 ways to beat ling/bling/muta:
Halby presents Diamond/masters level cheese and non-cheese strategies vs ling/bling/muta

inflowyen tvz guide
<a href=""></a>

engineering our own timing push by winterbornRH
<a href=""></a>

how to:scouting by beammeup

my tutoring thread

detaled look at terran micro

terrans guide to cheese(free win hehe)

charger's guide on hotkeys

If you know of good guides that I have missed, please post them below and I will add them to this post. Particularly looking for more good matchup-specific guides. I know I have read a lot of them, just can't find them all right now. Please avoid posting links to threads that are concerened with balance issues.

plz get this one stickied guys!!!! the last 1 managed it so this 1 can to!!!! i tihnk thats all the threads, plz post any more than come up
You might wanna fix those buggy links. Voted for sticky though.

Might be useful.... just video tutorials.
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Awesome! :D Thanks for making a new one as some of the threads on the last one have become inactive.
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