Winners, post opponents rage for placement!

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Him: grats i suppose
Him: pretty #%**ing garbage
Me: thanks i guess
Him: you landed 0 forcefields all game
Me: so
*He leaves*

I was going to message him that the bad forcefield placement just proves that I am that much better than him at the game, but decided against it.

He was placed into masters and me into diamond :P
Asked my oppenent was rank he was in before placing, he said plat. I told him I was masters. He called me a troll. I did a timing push and had about 60 more supply then him when I attacked.
Called me a hacker, cheater, and a mongoose %@*!r. hmph

and the worst part is, because he was only plat, I'm stuck in diamond till my computer fixes :(

No, you were meant to be in diamond.
don't play like a "female body part" and it won't happen
03/29/2011 2:58 PMPosted by Jarrex
I lost, he got demoted, I got promoted.

Same here

He left silently.
I won the placement, and was demoted to plat from diamond.

My opponent 7 pooled me. I held it off. I went for blue flame hellions. Before he leaves, he says,

HIM: "I like how you knew what hard counter to get with out scanning or scouting, your a hacker"

ME: "its not that hard to know what your going to get after you fail your rush"

HIM: "I bet, Blocked and reported"

ME: "lol"

HIM: "This player is ignoring you"

Haven't played my placement match yet; should I assume cheese?
My team mate told me I sucked.

The only thing I did wrong so to speak was that my unit production was terrible.

I lasted through the entire game, I just didn't have a very big army for most of it. Most likely because they kept getting mashed by mutalisks and I had to build a crap ton of cannons.

Then he decided to start destroying my buildings...
03/29/2011 6:14 PMPosted by Deathlust
Haven't played my placement match yet; should I assume cheese?

It happened to me.
Start of the game, I proudly announced to my opponent that I was going to defeat him using massed Queens. He said "lol" and "gl wit that". So, 10 minutes in, a couple queens waltz to the bottom of his ramp and get shredded by his marines, marauders, and some sieges. He tells me I fail but makes no move to attack. Meanwhile, I have placed a Nydus worm in the figged off area on Lolopolis, that my opponent seemed to have no intention of finding. Moments after, a stream of lings and blings come raging out and oblite**!@ his mineral line, command centre, and walk through about 70% of his existing base.

He promptly starts screaming OP, imba, cheese, fail, what have you. Then he says the best thing of all: "You lied. You said you were going queens. WTF?" I told him that gullible was written on the ceiling and he raged some more and the quit. I tried to message him after, but he blocked me. Oh well.
Silver in 4v4 random, do placement, gold in 4v4 random. Do 3v3 team placement with people on skype, was gold, won, demoted to silver. Bronze in 1v1, win, still bronze. Bronze in 2v2 random, ally dcs instantly, get mutas real fast, won, still bronze. Silv in 3v3 random, lose, bumped up to gold.

Blizzard is sooooooooooooo good at placement.
I lost my game but look where I am, so placement didn't do crap other than reset points and games
I haven't played ladder since like December, and back then I had only just gotten up to gold (mostly on 7RR, but I'm a Random player). Played last night and came up Protoss against a Terran player on Shakuras Plateau. Opponent had been #1 in his previous Gold league. I 4Gate him and all he has is 4 Marines, 1 Marauder and 1 Bunker with an expansion at his natural.

He tries to micro out of it, but 5 Zealots and 5 Stalkers waltz through with little micro needed. He quits in silence before I can kill anything but his bunker. Now I'm Platinum and he's Gold.

I've since lost the two matches against Platinum players labeled as "In Favor", but won the match against the "Even Match" Platinum opponent. I suppose all the GSL watching has helped me improve.
I also cloak banshee rushed a TvT. Opponent was completely good mannered. GGed and left when it was clear that he lost. I stayed in gold league (meh), he had already placed.

Got promoted to plat 4v4s though. I'm hoping that reduces the frequency in which I get really bad teammates.
Zerg tried to backstab me when I moved on his nat (we were both on 2 bases on Xel'Naga Caverns TvZ). The few forces that got left behind owned most of his forces, and he ended up with about 10 lings at my base, with me having over 70 supply of marine/tank/medivac at his. I lifted off my stuff and relocated. His response? "ooh look at me i can lift my base".

The best part? I still had over 10 supply depots when he had just an extractor. He wouldn't have won if there was no liftoff.
03/30/2011 6:21 AMPosted by Ninefold
Got promoted to plat 4v4s though. I'm hoping that reduces the frequency in which I get really bad teammates.

Good luck with that, being in Platinum means you just get paired up with more Bronze league tards and are expected to carry them (That's my experience on SEA at least).

I did my 4v4 and got promoted from gold to plat. One of my allies cannon rushed someone, didn't kill him but effectively crippled him. For the remaining 25 minutes of the game that player would regularly rage over chat about how the cannon rusher was of a homosexual persuasion (In badly written English, naturally).

Then when we beat them he blamed the entire loss on the cannon rusher. It clearly had nothing to do with the fact their macro was so bad, myself and one ally easily held all 4 of them off while another ally massed 200 supply of ultra's and the cannon rusher massed DT's.

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