What's the counter to critical mass muta?

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Due to the KA nerf mutas are gaining popularity


Replay of me against muta/ling

You basically want to tech to HT asap while getting blink and upgrades

Leave a control group of stalkers in your main

Hope this Helps :)

We are both in masters league :S

I did something I normally didn't do, and downloaded a replay. That's how desperate I am.
There is 1 thing I don't get... I mean, his mutas had you dead. He had 16 mutas to your 3 blink stalkers, and 3 sentries. No phoenix, no cannons (he just killed them). But then he ran away. See, the people I am playing would stay, kill my 3 stalkers, 3 sentries and then destroy all probes between all my bases.

That zerg guy had you. I know I'm only silver, and I know you could destroy me in a game, but seriously, that zerg had you dead. He just chose to run away. Maybe he was expecting something that never came cause he though you had more stuff than you really did, but he had you, and the guys I'm playing against would have taken those 16 mutas and just gone up and down my bases, killing anything that moved until I GG. The whole time, continuing to reinforce with more mutas till he hits 59.
Realistically: Don't let them get that many mutas.

Theoretically: Lots and lots and lots of phoenixes, supposing you're good at micro.
I started pumping out phoenix, as well as my blink stalkers, which had +2 attack.
Problem is that phoenix, while a hard counter to muta, don't do squat to them in large numbers because mutas do splash damage and phoenix don't. So if there are more than like 6-10 mutas, phoenix are about as worthless as trying to attack mutas with zealots. lol
But please keep these comments coming. I'm gonna try the hallucination and quick push if I see spire next time. I'll try every reasonable counter you guys throw at me

lol ok.
Err.. this may sound rude but..

Lair 200 Gas
Spire 200 Gas
59 Mutas 5900 Gas

Total 6300 Gas at least...

You let a zerg 5 bases on like.. 1 hour? what do u expect? You deserved it..
Archons are usually my pick, they rip through them like nothing
You Pray.
In my recent 2v2 games, mass mutas of over 20 would be GG. Even blink stalkers at +2/+2 couldn't handle them.
03/30/2011 6:22 PMPosted by SecretCobraz
Well if you can scout it early enough, Phoenix are the best counter to mass mutas as Archons can't fly and don't get bonus damage vs. light units like the mutalisk.

But they do get bonus vs bio which ALL zerg are.
if they get more than 12 mutas, it's gg for you.. mass muta is op, can't be dealt with. kill them before they get that many is thte only soln
Pump Phoenix with 3+ stargates and do double upgrades if your certain that he's massing mutas...i always add some voids so i can own his bases too after mutas die...and once the Anti -Air dies then phoenix are just like mutas but deadlier vs ground...mass phoenix and voids vs hydras, Protoss air wins..use the graviton life and you wont even have enough time to pick then all up cuz your phoenix will melt away the hydras.....mutas are only hard to deal with if your not ready...and so does everything else
I'm talking opponent just masses nothing but mutas. No roach, no lings, no nothing, just pure muta. They have splash damage, so they rip through stalkers and phoenix. I'm talking 59 freaking mutas I counted on the replay. He kept me in my base with muta harass so I couldn't prevent it from happening. Do we have any units in the game that can counter large quantities of mutas? We have no anit-air splash damage units, so they will always win.


watch this replay... this is how i counter mass muta.
Guy's it's HTs.

You keep them in your base; get as many as your gas will allow (should be a lot if they have 59 mutas which is 5900/5900 in resources).

Once your ht get enough energy to start storming; you can attack. When they come in to harass your mineral line it's like the same !%!! terran goes through when they have to use thors.

3 well placed storms will knock that muta number down so fast, well... not as fast as BW... Man bw had such better balance.

Honestly we need a KA back, and CD on HT' warp in that last 5/8/10 seconds.

But until then, that's honestly what you HAVE to do.
Make sure you use gaurdian shield. It reduces damage for each chain.
Best counter: DONT LET HIM GET TO 59 MUTAS. 59 mutas is an insane amount to have, and chances are the zerg didnt have much early defense to begin with (i would know, i love mutas) so just attacking should do the trick. Remember, any ling he needs to create for defense is 50 mins that couldnt go to drones.
This is just a constant reminder that you need to keep up scouting and aggression throughout the entire match.
if you see mass mutas just go for straight stalkers and sentries its worked pretty well for me and guardian shield is essential

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