Starcraft 2 Player Statistics?

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Maybe I'm missing some point to the gameplay, or perhaps having these features would harm something somehow, I dunno.

But from what I can tell, why don't they have statistics to see how many games I've won with each race? I'm always looking for the next portrait but I don't know how close or far I am away! Maybe there's some place that shows me these things? I could be an idiot. Or how about not being able to see my loses anymore... I don't know my win percentage! There are a ton of other statistics that would be cool to look at, like average minerals mined per game or average APM or wins/loses vs other races.

Please enlighten me if i'm missing something.
yeah so far there is nothing its annoying
you can just look at your achievements to see how close you are to getting a portrait.
and i don't agree with the taking away losses thing for us non-masters folk. what was the reasoning for that?
Im not sure, my goal was always to stay at least 10 wins above my losses... and now i don't even know! :(
I believe the reasoning is for the same reason that little league baseball leagues are no longer keeping score... It might hurt some little brats feelings.
Honestly, I think losing streaks are harder to deal with than an overall bad win/loss record.
lol yeah dude go into your profile then when you in there right click profile porttait and there all there

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