April Fools! StarCraft II – Patch 1.4.11

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1.4.11 .... i get it lol

  • Marines and Marauders now attack while moving. We felt this functionality was a lot of fun on the Phoenix and wanted to add it to some of the less popular Terran units.

  • rofl so much win
    this is insane :/ especially for the MULEs
    04/01/2011 10:23 AMPosted by Nazar

    Actually, I don't get this one. Can someone explain?

    If you dont get it, then your not old enough to have it explained to.

    Oddly enough, i understand now! XD (took me ahwile)
    I approve of this post.

    Likely introduces the best 'technical' term ever with 'swarmy feeling'

    Now hatch in batches of 4 to help create more of a swarmy feeling.
    I cant wait for the next patch notes!

    Balance: -Due to constant whining about balance, we've decided that no race is overpwered, but instead Blizzard is now overpowered. Comunity Managers can now join any game at any time to help the player with the cooler name.
    There were no lurkers from the start of the game.........
    someone NEEDS to make a map with these changes, it would be AWESOME.
    04/01/2011 05:34 PMPosted by Artisian
    someone NEEDS to make a map with these changes, it would be AWESOME.
    Heck yea!!!
    hey guys im having a hard time loading the new patch and it stops at 70% then completly backs out of the program? any ideas?
    i knew this was fake, because protoss were being buffed.
    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Though zerg eggs reflecting size of unit would be an interesting change that doesnt really make a difference in gameplay.
    I was about to say but after reading half way... I was like oh its April 1st. Nice joke.

    Edit: Just read the whole thing, when is this patch coming out?
    +1 for blizzard trolling its own forums
    ROFL!!! April fools ftw!
    Bunker - No Change! LMAO
    I love you blizz

  • To better balance Terran defensive structure options we are adding the Drakken Laser Drill from the single player mission “The Dig” to the Terran tech tree. Its stats will remain the same and will cost 400 minerals and 200 Vespene gas with a 45 second build time.

  • Finally

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