April Fools! StarCraft II – Patch 1.4.11

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If this was really going to happen people would really be going crazy. and probably alot less people on bnet.
Aww...I so wanted the auto-cast Spawn Larvae too!! <3
Ok, that's freaking amazing!

I lol'd
04/01/2011 12:17 PMPosted by Koppel
My God! The Battlecruisers have gone Plaid!


that was an awesome movie reference

cougarship made my stomach hurt i was laughing sooo hard! :)

+1 you guys
lololol hahah blizz wins
i lol'ed at the carrier thing
Oh come on! Am i the only one who likes delta quad? I think its a great map! Im not even trolling. (Though i admit the 3 queues for it is hilarious)
lol. I thought it was awful early for another update of that size ... started reading and couldn't help but feel extremely amused. Also to people who comment this shows that they know what's wrong with the game and won't fix it, they probably just see most if it as senseless whining and disagree.
Ok seriously I really hope someone makes a custom map of everything that is said on here. That would be so funny I would totally play it
lol but the force field thing is op just increase how much energy it takes because toss is super op vs zerg
Blizzard, i love you. and i love spaceballs. and Rick Moranis. he should be the new terran unit! :D
Cougar Ship FTW

  • Due to lack of use, the Lurker has been removed from the game.

  • Lolzerz
    oh my god I LOVE YOU BLIZZARD!!!
    i laughed at this:

  • Protoss players that are matched against another Protoss player will automatically start the game with 4 Gateways and Warp Gate tech researched.
  • +1 Ghosts and Cougarship
    O there good....
    Best patch notes EVER! i fell out my chair laughing

    next there gonna tell us it isnt an april fools joke lol
    <3 Blizzard!!
    LOL. I love you SO much blizzard.


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