How to beat Protoss on very hard AI?

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Whenever the AI goes for a Zealot, Stalker, and Sentinel...I actually win easily. Whenever it goes for a Zealot, Immortal, Sentinel I lose...not without a fight but I still lose. My usual army consist of Marines, Marauders, and tanks. I used to get nuts and use almost all the units there are for Terran at the same time. Nothing seems to work whenever the AI mass produces Immortals. Not sure how to counter them. Any help?
Add some ghosts into your mix and EMP the Protoss ball.
I suggest against ai, bunkering up and getting banshees then hitting the back of their base to make them retreat, when they return, fly away for 10 seconds then come back.

If they build a cannon, just ignore it and attack something else in their base like an outlying gateway as that will make them retreat as well.

This gives you cover while you expand/make whatever unit comp u want to kill them with.
The same way you beat insane AI in a macro game! You just macro like a boss and have good unit positioning. Never get supply blocked ever, It hurts you worse then you know.
Sentinels are op, they need a nerf.
04/03/2011 11:33 AMPosted by johN
Sentinels are op, they need a nerf.

I will keep trying. I've beaten Zerg and Terran on very hard with Terran multiple times. I just have the most problem with Protoss.
04/03/2011 11:36 AMPosted by percech
I will keep trying. I've beaten Zerg and Terran on very hard with Terran multiple times. I just have the most problem with Protoss.

Toss is beast mode and the comp never fast expos. So you must be ready for a 1 base push(they expo while they attack most times) Scouting is super important too so you can know how to counter their units! Reapers work great for that!
This thread is so funny to me because when I started I couldn't even beat medium AI consistently. Just keep at it my friend and you will figure it out, practice is what this game is about!
I've never had a problem with the ai versus any race when I practice as terran (on very hard of course. Insane IS the definition of beast mode). I go 3 rax expo and get aggressive with my early game MM. Then I usually build a fact, SP and Ghost Academy and have a midgame army that consists of MMM+ghosts. The plan for late game is to grab a third and start building tanks for map control and all that (the match has never gone into late game though =P).
Insane might cheat but it is beatable.

04/03/2011 11:49 AMPosted by Sunstrider
The plan for late game is to grab a third

Grab a 3rd late game? Shouldn't you be moving on to a 4th or even 5th by then? Spamming orbitals and sacking scvs!
Against very hard. Solid macro is the way to win and you can do just about any semi reasonable build and win. Wall off and make a bunker or two and that should hold any push (the AI is too stupid to know when to hold off on attacking and macro/expand). You can win with 4-8 marines and mass hellions against a protoss AI if you macro well. (3 rax, 2 rax tank, mass marine, or thor opening can win no problem).

Against Insane solid macro won't cut it as they get crazy amounts of money and can just push with more stuff faster so you have to play defensively (exploiting there poor tactical decision making) or with crazy good micro use a harass strategy to cripple there economy to negate there income advantage.

Also i think very hard and insane AI cheats when it comes to map hacks as they try to respond to what your doing despite having scouting denied. I think that insane just exploits that information more by building the direct counters rapidly while the very hard does so in a lesser and slower fashion.
I can make the army, I just can't use them all.
Ok well I took some of your advices. I practiced a little with my micro in a custom map. Though I think what saved me this time were the addition of Hellions and Ghosts. It's weird, I never use those units. I would always do marines, marauders, tanks and medivacs. Although they were still my main army, the hellions helped tremendously against the zealots and the ghost helped a lot more than I expected against the immortals with the use of emps.

I also added thors and used their special ability too. Anyway, special abilities help a lot and the game wasn't even close. Still though my macro needs a lot of work, I beat the AI on everything except resources.

Woot good stuff ; )
04/03/2011 12:43 PMPosted by WaR
Against Insane solid macro won't cut it as they get crazy amounts of money

Insane is just harder for people who can macro properly. If you can get to 200/200 without getting supply blocked you can easily beat insane ai. Just don't be an idiot with your units and run into a choke with them all or something silly! My philosophy with terran is we can't reproduce our units as fast as other races so we should be as cost effective with them as we can. Using bunkers/turrets/ext. to push so you don't lose as many units!

EDIT: Although I do admit tvt and pvt are much harder then tvz on insane.

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