I think it's time for a buff to Nukes.

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double nuke, they will be left with 1hp from sheild/life regen. So Bliz, please buff nukes to 501 damage.

or you could just right click the building with the ghost, it has an attack you know
I like the argument that the 2 ghosts academies force players to keep detectors at the entrance to their bases.
like how burrowed roaches/infestors force other races to put detectors at the front of their bases. or how dt's force other races to get detectors like everywher4e becasue dt's warp in from more than jsut the front. It is a wonderful argument for not making nukes do decent damage to buildings.

n the flip side in tvt just emp their cc's then nuke their asses.
Honestly, if anything, they should just shorten the flight time of the nukes. If they made nukes realistic all terrans would use them all the time. If they were realistic nothing would be left standing after 1 nuke and this is what... the 26th century? The terrans probably have planet-splitting fusion bombs, these nukes are... well... weak. I like to use them in battle, but it's seriously pointless, the enemy will simply run away. HOW do you run away from something with a what... 5km blast radius?

Like I said, if nukes were realistic...
Meh nukes are worthless to use on anything but a wall of pylons / depos or preventing someone from attacking for a few seconds.
Nukes are the only attack in the game that announces to the whole map that one is launched. I think the perfect fix would be to get rid of that. The nuke would become effective for targeting mineral lines. Maybe you could make it so you hear the sound of the launch if your vision sees it or you could hear the missile flying overhead. Right now, Nuke does nothing against mineral lines by itself with a competent opponent. Way too much time to react.
I agree, as it stands nukes are almost useless. I nuked 3 queens point blank the other day, and all three lived. They transfused each other moments later and it was like it never happened. They definitely need a buff. Either more damage so they can be useful against buildings or landing several seconds faster so they could actually hit something. And nothing alive should be able to survive a point blank hit. If you could take that kind of damage, no amount of marines or tanks could kill you.
First, you have necrobumped hardcore.

Second, there is no way that queens took a nuke to the chest and lived after it. Maybe they were just at the edge of splash radius and were left in red health.
I think that buffing nukes would help terrans in the late-game versus toss, which always seems to be a little stale and problematic. Increased nuke drops would be really interesting because they have a much higher strategic/positional value than normal drops.
Yus, the ghost in general sucks now.
Nukes should be able to be stored in a Ghost Academy 3x @ a time. One ghost can call down multiple nukes at a time while he stays in range of all his nuke casts.

Problem solved, triple nukes ftw :)
Personally I think the damage of them is fine, maybe a small increase to building damage or some kind of side effect would be nice - I kinda hate how there's no fallout after dropping one that just causes DoT for a while to anything in the vicinity of the blast zone.

What I'd much rather see, is a speed upgrade at the Fusion Core (I've been calling for this for a long time now) that reduces the time needed to drop a nuke by at least 5 seconds game-time (ideally 3~5 seconds real-time on Fastest setting). I've seen a lot of pro games where literally even 1 more second would have made the difference between annihilation for the enemy army.

At the very least, if the damn thing is interrupted the missile should be refunded - I mean who fires off a nuke with incomplete targeting data?

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