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I know that there were threads like this back in july and august of 2010, but those lists were very short. I've seen a couple other ones in "welcoming new players" but those are missing some of the terms, so I decided to update it to the present game and add pretty much everything I (or we) can think of.

Whether you are in the game or on the SC2 forums, these are the common terms, phrases, and acronyms that are often seen and used. If you don't know what a term, phrase, or acronym means, use this reference as your guide. To the right of each bold term is the meaning of it. Hopefully for all you players and especially newcomers to SC2, you will fit right in with our language!

Until you learn this by heart, you must construct additional pylons, and try not to stay in rear with the gear!

General Player Sayings (game and forum-related):

GL - Good Luck.
HF - Have Fun.
GG - Good Game.
WP - Well Played.
ITT - In This Thread.
LOL - Laughing.
L2P - Learn to Play.
Herp Derp or "derp" - Another way of 'stating the obvious'.
QQ - Another way of complaining about something or "crying" about it.
Troll or "Trolling" - Players who do not add productive statements and start arguments on purpose.
OP - Original Poster (or post). This is used in different context than "overpowered."
Blues - Referring to Blizzard Representatives (they post in blue text).
BM - Bad Manners.
Elitism - Referring to players who never admit they're wrong and pretend to be know-it-alls.
Nerf - Used to say "fix this!" , "They ruined this!" , and/or calling something weaker.
Buff - Used to say "Make this stronger" or "They made this way too strong!"
Rage - Similar to bad manners, but more of "i'm frustrated."
L2Read - This is said to players who take things out of context and/or don't comprehend correctly.
QFT - Quoted for Truth. Indicating that something said was entirely truthful.
TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read.
LF - Looking For (in-game chat channel term).
Obs - Observer/Observing, or watching a match. Different than the protoss observer unit.
Imba or "Broken" - Imbalanced. This is another way of saying OP or UP (see next two terms).
OP - OverPowered (indicating that something is too strong, also known as 'Imba').
UP - UnderPowered (indicating that something is too weak, also known as 'Imba').
MU - Matchup.
TvP - Terran vs Protoss.
TvZ - Terran vs Zerg.
TvT - Terran vs Terran.
ZvP - Zerg vs Protoss.
ZvZ - Zerg vs Zerg.
PvP - Protoss vs Protoss.
Random - Players who play all 3 races equally.

Race, Ability, and Unit Terms:

Zerg Terms:

Z - Zerg.
Ovie - Overlord.
Hatch - Hatchery.
Muta - Mutalisk.
Pool - Spawning Pool.
Bane or Bling - Baneling.
sling/Ling or "Crackling" - Speedlings (Zerglings with speed, or 'Adrenal Gland' upgrade).
Hydra - Hydralisk.
Ultra - Ultralisk.
Tumors - Creep Tumors, spawned by Queens.
Inject - Larvae Injection, an ability performed by Queens on Hatcheries.
FG - Fungal Growth (Infestor ability).
NP - Neural Parasite (Infestor ability).
BL - Brood Lords.

Terran Terms:

T - Terran.
CC - Command Center.
OC - Orbital Command.
PF - Planetary Fortress.
Rax - Barracks.
Depot or "supply" - Supply Depot.
Supply Drop - Adding extra supply on a current supply depot.
Ebay - Engineering Bay.
Rines - Marines.
Rauder - Marauder.
BC - Battlecruiser.
BFH - Blue Flame Hellions.
Stim - Stim Pack (A marine/marauder upgrade).
CS - Concussive Shells (A marauder upgrade).
Mech - Mechanical (Factory) units such as Hellions, Siege Tanks, and Thors.
EMP - A ghost ability that drains energy from enemy units as well as protoss shields.
PDD - Point Defense Drone (Raven ability).
Turret - A automated stationary gun that attacks anything nearby (Raven ability).

Protoss Terms:

P - Protoss.
Robo - Robotics Facility.
Gate - Gateway or WarpGate.
Chronoboost - A nexus ability that speeds up production for a short time.
Obs - Observer.
VR - Void Ray.
HT - High Templar.
DT - Dark Templar.
Colossi - Plural for Colossus (more than one).
ChargeLots - Zealots with Charge upgrade.
FF - Force Field (Sentry ability).
Blink - An ability researched for Stalkers.
Psi or "Storm" - Psionic Storm, casted by High Templars.
Vortex - An ability researched for the Mothership. Used for Archon Toilet. (See 'Archon Toilet' in Game Strategy, Tactic, and War Terms).

Game Strategy, Tactic and War Terms:

Micro - Managing your units during battles to maximize their effectiveness.
Macro - Managing your economy, expansions, and production buildings.
Focus Fire - Using a specific type of unit or all your units to attack one specific target.
Metagame - The current state of the game divided among three gameplay positions (early, mid, and late game).
Build or "BO" - Build Order. This is used to create an order in which you are making buildings and units.
Tier or "Tier 1/2/3" - The level of building or unit tech (See 'Tech' or 'Teching') within a strategy or build order.
Natural or "2nd" - The closest expansion near your base in which you will take first.
Expo or "3rd, 4th, or 5th" - Expansions other than your Natural (see 'Natural').
FE - Fast Expand (expanding very early in the game. See 'Greed' below).
Greed - Taking a faster expansion early in the game for a better economy, but sacrificing early-game protection.
Rally - The location where your units gather after spawning.
Scout or "Scouting" - Using workers, abilities, or certain units to find out what your enemy is doing.
Harass - Using certain units to "hit and run" on the enemy's economy or structures.
Contain - Surrounding (see 'surround') your opponent's main base and/or preventing them from expanding.
Surround - A zerg-related tactic that surrounds enemy units to prevent them from kiting (see 'kiting').
Proxy - Buildings that are built near your opponent's base (proximity) to reduce the run distance across the map, allowing you to attack your opponent sooner.
Rush or "Cheese" - A high risk attempt to create a large army very quickly in the game for a single early-game objective. This involves sacrificing your economy and tech in order to try and catch your opponent unprepared. If it does not succeed, you most likely lose.
Warp or "Warp-in" - Protoss units can warp in wherever a pylon is on the battlefield without having to run there.
Wall in - Blocking your main base entrance so no ground units can get in. This is essentially the starting point of turtling (see 'Turtle').
AoE or "Splash" - Area of Effect. This is damage that is done to more than one unit.
FF or "Friendly Fire" - Only applies to Siege Tanks, who can hit their own units.
Turtle - Sitting back and maintaining a heavy defensive stance while "safely" building and maximizing your army before moving out.
Kite or "Kiting" - Using ranged units to shoot, back up, stop and shoot to avoid getting hit (Stop, Hit and Run method). Also used to avoid being surrounded. This is repeated until you win or lose the fight.
AA - Anti Air (units or defensive buildings that hit enemy air units).
Composition - A combination of multiple units that are used to counter what your opponent has.
Drop - Dropping units with the use of medivacs, overlords, or warp prisms.
Cloak - Units that are invisible and can only be seen by scans, detectors, FG and observers.
Muta/Ling/Bling - A zerg unit composition consisting of Mutalisks, Zerglings, and Banelings.
Magic Box - Mostly a Zerg-related tactic, but generally now perceived as taking all air units and moving them to a specific point, stopping, waiting for them to spread out (to avoid AoE damage), and then simultaneously attacking a target.
MMM or "Bio Ball" - A terran unit composition consisting of biological units: the Marines, Marauders, and medivacs.
1-1-1 - A terran strategy that consists of building a barrack, factory, and starport in order to get Banshees.
5RR / 7RR - Zerg 5 Roach Rush/7 Roach Rush
200/200 - A way to describe yourself or your opponent being maxed out on army and food supply.
Death Ball - Originally a protoss unit composition, but now relates to all races as having a late-game, high supply army that is typically very difficult to stop.
4-Gate or "fourgate" - A protoss strategy consisting of making 4 warp-gates early in the game and making strong timed attacks.
Archon Toilet - A protoss strategy where the Mothership will vortex (see 'Vortex') enemy units as well as their own Archons. When they are released, the enemy units are one-shotted by Archon's massive AoE damage.
Split, Stutter Step or Marine Split - This is a tactic that involves the splitting of marines in all different directions when encountering banelings to avoid massive AoE damage. This involves a good amount of micro (See 'Micro').
Tech or "Teching" - Upgrading your buildings to unlock more buildings and additional units and abilities.


XWT or "Tower" - Xel'Naga Watch Towers.
Minerals or "Node" - Minerals at expansions.
Gas - Vespene Gas.
Rocks - Destructible Rocks.
Map - Refers to your mini-map in game. Also refers to actual maps that players compete on.
MMR - Match Making Rating. This is the hidden rating that pairs you up against opponents who are relatively equal skill with you.
APM - Actions per Minute (this is basically how many times you click with your mouse and hit your hotkeys).
Stats - Statistics.
League - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand Master.
Division - A division consists of 100 players (rank 1 - 100) within each league.
Points - Your points within the league that show your division rank placement.
Rank - Your rank is determined by how many points you have within a league compared to other players.
Foreigner - Non-Korean players.
Pros - Professional StarCraft II players.
MLG - Major League Gaming.
GSL - Global StarCraft 2 League.
NASL - North American StarCraft 2 League.
IPL - IGN Pro League.
DH - DreamHack.
WoL - Wings of Liberty (Terran Expansion of SC2).
HotS - Heart of the Swarm (Zerg Expansion of SC2).
LotV - Legacy of the Void (Protoss Expansion of SC2).

***If there are any terms I wrote wrong, please identify it with me.
***If I missed a term, please let me know and give your definition of it.
You missed

For General Sayings:

OP - Original Poster (different context than OP, overpowered)

And I would say under Proxy:

Proxy - Buildings that are built near your opponent's base (proximity) to reduce the run distance across the map, allowing to attack your opponent sooner.

If just for the sake of using the derived term for newer (and/or younger) players.

+100. Like. Good post. Requested sticky
OP and Proxy updated. Thanks Ruusaan! :)
I just added the following terms:

FF or Friendly Fire
AoE or Splash
Warp or Warp-in
Hmm...A good list indeed!

+1 Sticky Request
04/06/2011 01:02 AMPosted by Leto
BFH = blue flame hellion

Rauder = marauder
Ebay = engineering bay
BC = battlecruiser.

Added. Amazing how some of the easy ones are forgotten when I wrote this... lol
PP is pause please
Actually, I always what the literal meaning of 'QQ' was (the acronym itself I mean, not the general sense)?
lol i always thought that UP means that something up and not down.. up = op.
Magic Box
ITT = I think that, not in this thread. Or it's different on the forums, I dunno.
04/06/2011 07:42 AMPosted by Zaarin
Actually, I always what the literal meaning of 'QQ' was (the acronym itself I mean, not the general sense)?

QQ doesn't stand for anything. In Warcraft II, alt + q+q would exit the program. So QQ was telling someone to quit because they have to skill.

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