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Every time I try to look at someones profile I get input limit reached about 5 times and then it finally goes to the profile. This takes about 15-20 seconds each time and its getting really annoying. It happens no matter what even if I have not clicked on anyones profile for a long time. This makes it very difficult to find a team or let alone even look at my own stats. I am a mac user but this seems to be affecting non mac users as well. I feel that something needs to be done about this because I know people who don't even notice this as a problem yet there are still some who do. I just want blizzard to look into this because no matter what I do, if I log on and try to look on my profile this will happen and I really do not think this should unless I was trying to look at multiple profiles.
its getting really annoying any feedback?
its bnet failing
I need to wait more time... 24 h before play or chek profile ...
This issue should be fixed with today's 2.0.11 patch:
Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause players to encounter an “Input Limit Reached” error when loading map lists on the Custom Games page.

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