Your starter pokemon of choice?

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Charmander because Charizard is a beast :P
Bulbasaur was the way to go. I always used nothing but him until near the end of the game. When he gets all of the Exp he becomes nearly unstoppable, beating out those he's weak against due to simply out-leveling them. From there you just power level the others =)
Squirtle. Water is my favorite element but Squirtle does not farewell against most of Gym Leaders.
Charmander is the best, hands down. But Bulbasaur was awesome too, especially with Leech Seed. Even Squirtle was much better than most of the later gen starters.
i always like the time i picked a squirtle and it evolved in to charmeleon my game was bugged i think

The heck did that happen? My charmander evolved into an ivysaur once though. And finished as blastoise. ._. I started a new game.
mewtwo.. just kidding bulbasaur for the win!
Necro thread has been necro.

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