good universal gaming headset?

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can anyone recommend a good gaming headset that i could use with my Mac for Starcraft 2 and TF2, as well as my PS3 and my brothers Xbox 360 ? preferably a headset that would play game sound and music as well as allow for chat. budget under 100$. (i dont want to just be able to talk and hear people talk through the headset, i want to be able to talk and hear EVERYTHING in the game). ive been looking online for a while but nothing seems to really stand out.

if anyone uses a good headset that works with all 3 systems listed please let me know what it is, how much it costs, and why i should get it.


and hope this post complies with new "strict" forum rules.
Turtlebeach PX21. You can get them at EB games and other stores. 99$ plus tax. Great headphones. fully adjustable to your head and amazing sound. I use these when I'm playing Bl-ops and it pretty much gives you surround sound. I can easily tell if those footsteps are coming from the room in front of me or the one above me. They also work for 360 if u have the HDMI adapter. Mainly for PS3 and PC. Look them up. They're amazing.
k, ill look into them.

and has anyone noticed that the new non SC2 areas of the forum are worse than barrens chat ?
self necro... figured id be ecofreindly and recycle this thread instead of making a new one for the same reason.
still havent bought a headset.
still interested in people opinions on some good ones.
would like more than one reply.

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