Achievements not registering

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I was connected to, and I should have earned all the achievements for this mission, since I completed all of the required elements. However, none were registered. I did not use cheats. I've read that other people are experiencing this issue.

The above game was completed on Brutal difficulty.
Okay, I want you on my team. LOL j/k You don't want me on yours. Promise ya that! :D

Did you get DC'd at any point in the mission?
I was connected the entire time. When I finished the game I was returned to the mission selection screen and then exited to the lobby.

I have also completed that specific mission at least 3 times on either hard or brutal difficulty, in attempts to see if the achievements would be awarded.
I have Bootcamp, so I could try it on that.
Having a similar issue with the vs AI achievements, though oddly no problem with the Campaign ones, do not think I am DCing because I get achievements for doing other things while attempting to get the vs AI achievement, like killing so many units a certain way in a match. Can anyone explain this?
This also might be relevant - the game does not recognize that I have even completed the mission.

Update: I played it on Windows and that didn't fix anything.
i hate this part since i'm on such a crappy connection at my college here i disconnect from battlenet frequently and the fact that i put so much effort into 1 mission just to not get any recognition for it annoys me
I'm having the exact same problem. The achievements only happen sometimes. It's kind of ridiculous, that I've done most of the AI achievements and they haven't counted. I have tried restarting the game, and even started a new campaign, but nothing seems to work.

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