Random Crashes Require Full Reboot to Fix

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Sometimes when I open starcraft my screen begins flickering and it locks up my entire computer. This happens at random and is a SERIOUS issue, as the only way to get my computer working again is to fully reboot it by holding the power button (shutting it down through the system dialog, cmd + option + ctrl + eject, force quitting all do NOT work). I've had this issue on and off during the beta (depending on the patch, some patches fix things some break things cause that's how a BETA works) and I've read reports of other users having this issue also.

I have never encountered a program that I have PAID for that randomly crashes my entire computer at random. I'm willing to overlook how horribly optimized this game is for Mac OSX because it is playable on my machine, but I am appalled that this game is so shoddily put together that the developers will seed versions of this software that cause the user's computer to completely fail. Even in all my years of PC gaming and professional multimedia design on Apple hardware I have not encountered such poorly implemented software.

I love this game and you will continue receiving my money, but seriously stop embarrassing yourselves as developers.

I'm running a 2008 macbook pro 2.2ghz dual core 128mb 8600m gt 4gb of ram
I usually am able to run the game at around 40fps on medium settings with the shaders on low although I have locked the frame rate to 32 because of heat concerns. I would give you the error log but none was generated as the software requires me to shut off the computer to restore functionality

Keep in mind that this is a professional machine that runs Final Cut Pro and the Adobe suite of applications at blazing fast speeds without hiccups, but can't handle your silly video game without all these problems.
same. possibly patch?
same. possibly patch?

They fixed it before, I'm assuming they're going to patch it again. I just think it's irresponsible to even let the possibility of such a huge glitch be allowed in the software.

With all the bug reports on this and apple's limited hardware pool they should have seen this and went "oh wow, this bug completely locks down and shuts down the user's computer. We need to fix this priority 1". You don't sit around and scratch your head when something is going this blatantly wrong with your code.

I know I'm ranting, but it's just kinda maddening when you open up your favorite game and it completely crashes your entire computer forcing a hard reboot at random. What if I was running file transfer operations in the background?? I could corrupt my important data. Luckily I'm not stupid enough to do such a thing while running this silly game.
I've lost about 4 games now because of it. This is very ridiculous....
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