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it seems the logical path is letting the air be, in the mission before... i tried to do hard with the nydus canals up......could get to 93% at the most.... mainly because theres a moment ull have more than 4, 5 canals spawning at a time while kerrigan is on ur base so eithr u use the banshees to pwn the canals fast, or kill kerrigan which i op at this stage.... and owns one entire side......
another strat i havent tried fully is from the beggining of the all in mission if u have the zerg upgrade of mind control...... build lots of towers of these either side....and control first all ultralisks they are 3 / 3 and will own zerg armies entirely specially zerglings..... itried this a bit late about 70% in had at one time 4 ultralisks per side which is almost better than tanks, they also tanks kerrigan nicely.

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