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First off <3 MAC <3 Blizzard.

I will never leave my mac downloading anything for 24+ hours electricity fluctuations will fry my motherboard (=\ 3rd world country...)

Anyways I bought my self a regular pc just to download stuff... So here goes the questions:

Can I download a Starcraft 2 image or installer under windows? Any tweaks or good torrents?

Thanks in advance, im really looking forward on play this game on my mac instead of bootcamp.
I beleive that if you download the pc client from Blizzard's site, it also comes with a mac installer. Both the PC version and the Mac version of SC2 use the same files to install off of. If you download the game on your PC, I think it will be mac compatible. I can't confirm that, but they did that for SC1, and WC3. I suggest you try it out.
Doubt it... mac files and windows files are different... but that gives me an idea... maybe I can start the download on mac quit the downloader\updater app then copy all the files from the install folder (friend downloaded for his windows machine)
From you can select either the windows client or the mac client. They will both download an installer.exe for windows and an for mac.

I'm currently using a MacBook Pro, I can confirm that both installers are present and the same files work in boot camp for Windows 7
Man, I was hoping to burn what I had to a disc rather than having to download it all over again, but I am at a loss and I'm going to have to :(

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