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i wasn't planning on buying the guide at first, but i find myself looking on the website a lot to see what units counter other units. and i thought maybe the strategy guide would have them, so if they do i think i'll want the guide

so does the official "brady games" blizzard sc2 strategy guide have all the unit information like on the website?

on the website it shows every unit in the game, and 3 series of units that counter them for Terran, Zerg, and Protoss

ps: yea i just think it's way easier to flip through a book than go on the internet

anyone know?
The guide has either a full page or half page on every single unit in multiplayer.
is it just information on what they do? or does it say what's good to use to kill them for each race
You know in game if press f12 for help that it has every single unit and what it is weak and strong against, right? Might be a bit cheaper than book or easier than using internet.
thanks, i did not know that :)
i would still like to know if the strategy guide has that in it as well, if anyone knows

just in case

anyone know?

if the strategy guide tells you what units counter other certain units?
someone must know
Yea its a full readout on each unit and building, it gives the unit types so i assume that should be enough to determine the strengths and weaknesses?
well i wouldn't think knowing the type of unit will help to tell what other units counter it

so it doesn't say though?
The strategy guide does not explicitly tell you which units counter which.
Half the book is on Multi-player and there is not a counter approach but it has alot of info and you would love to have it. It's a great book. -Jeremy Sr.
I bought it with the game, as I like guides to games and i'm glad I did. It has helped me immensley and gave me something to read at work when it's slow. Highly recommend it.
thanks guys

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