Ask Kerrigan: Advice from the Queen of Blades

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Dear kerrigan, youre going to be famous after jim raynor dies,so i would prepare :P

for some reason i like zerg infested guys
dear kerrigan, why do u like char again?

an infested guy

Dude will you shut up?

Dear Justin,

Sometimes when Zerglings get the adrenal glands installed, they get hyper and can't control themselves. We used to have Defilers to consum- uh deal with the problem, but the Infestors simply can't do the job the Defiler could. Just go burrow somewhere and he will leave u alone.


The Queen of Blades #560

I thought the Defilers were consumed 2 years ago, and yet, I can take the word, I still can be In control, because its like I'm hybrid, when I purposely put the 'experimental' special zerg virus into my veins, yet I'm able to conceal my infested parts to evade problems with my allies
Oops, forgot to mention a story I have before, and after I became half infested, here is the insane story, and it will just keep coming

After recent studies, the zerg seem to just be misunderstood because I found something in the zerg mind, (after recovering it from a amazingly intact dead ultralisk) that seems to make them slaves in their own mind, the only way to see if this is true, I will need to find a hybrid, however I require your most elite zerg, this is going to be the most dangerous mission yet, Lucky for you, I really need to empty my minerals and vespine, ITS OVERLOADING MY BASE, ITS GOING TO CAUSE A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION!!! Please respond to this asap.

Forever ensuring your safety


Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father.

Prepare to die.

Inigo Montoya
(@Ingo Montoya) I wouldn't do that if I were you, and if she gets in danger from you, I shall personally attend to your fate.
Dear Kerrigan,

I am one of your most faithful servants but I have noticed that most of the other hydralisks have been killed by the terrans and protoss. So can you please bring back the Lurker evolution so we may evolve into it and kill terrans and protoss safely.
01/24/2011 2:17 PMPosted by Justin
Dude will you shut up?
I really dont know why she picked Char.

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