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I made the dumb decision to put in a cheat to help out with a hard level and now I cannot get any achievements and I really don't want to load a game save because I've done a lot of missions since...any one know a way?
It warns you about this. It's like the safety on a shotgun... The safety being not loading it with ammo.
So basically the only way would be to go all the way back or re-do the entire campaign?
Re-load before you put the cheat in. It warns you about this, if you read,

I haven't found anything in the files that would correspond with this. You'll have to reload. Next time, try reducing the difficulty so you can get the lay of the land, then go in up a level.
I've had a similar problem. It really sucks! They shouldn't penalize us for using cheats in single player mode. We're not hurting anybody, & many of us play just for fun, not competition.
It's bad enough, that we can't play off-line, and have to be online *ALL* the time, just to play even single player or map edit games.
This was *NEVER* the case with the original Starcraft.

In multiplayer, & "official" ladder games, then I can understand it. But this is *FAR* from that!.

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