New Patch Soon?

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Is there going to be a new patch to fix the mac os x 10.6 and nvidea card problems anytime?
A time line for fixing the known bugs in the OSX client is any ones guess. Largely because it's not necessarily up to Blizzard. My understanding is that part of the problem is nVidia's OSX drivers. Only Apple can update the drivers through an OSX update (10.6.5 is currently with developers in beta).

So while I'm sure we'll see a patch from blizzard to address some OSX issues, I believe we'll really get some relief when apple release update 10.6.5 which is likely not too far off. Maybe a couple weeks?
thanks for the help Audio hopefully there will be an update soon and that is the actual problem and nothing else. Just stinks having spent 60 dollars the most ive ever paid for a computer game and not have any way of playing it.

yes blizzard will be able to help with some of the choppiness and shaders and such but once apple updates then we will see a major difference.

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