how many drones on resources?

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how many drones should i keep on the resources? 3-4 on gas? 6 on crystals?
also, if iam going roaches whats the best strat for that? leaving 6 on crystal until i build the roach building?
2 per minerals and 3 per gas is the optimal for a strong economy but this is not a opening remember that. More than 2 per mineral is just waist of minerals and drones.

I found this in LiquidTeams Wiki:

10 Overlord
13 Pool
14 Gas
15 Overlord
15 Queen
17 Zergling
18 Roach Warren
18 Zergling
19 Zergling
20 Larvae Injection
20 Overlord
20 Roach
21 Roach
22 Roach
23 Roach
24 Roach
25 Larvae Injection
Continue Roach Production
32 Hatchery while Attacking with around 6 Zerglings, 5 Roach and 3-4 Roach reinforcing
It varies on which BO you are attempting to do, a 10 pool will have 10 drones then a pool i believe, 6 pool is 6 on mins and a spawning pool. But for Gas or extractor....always have 3 drones on each extractor. As for minerals, i like to do 10 then pool, then in between army massing build drones :)...thats just me.

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