much help appreciated pls critique my replay

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i'm all new to starcraft...and i've played like 16 matches and only won 4 (one win is faulty as the guy left at the beginning)

here is my most recent win


darn 3 downloads and no replies? :p
Main reply: skip practice league.

Once you exit practice league, you're in for a rude awakening because all of a sudden you're much more vulnerable to early scouting, harass, and teching up is thereby a LOT harder when you have to pay attention to macro/tech, surviving rushes / pushes while you do so, etc.

So yeah, skip practice league, do your five qualifying and then come back with a replay.
ya i'm on my last placement match, lost everyone so problem is not being able to determine how big of a force i need to protect a rush...guess i need to get hydralisks up earlier then
-If that werent practice league, You would be lucky to survive up until you got those brood lords.

- What was with those ventral sacs anyway? Wouldn't it be faster just to walk your drones to expansions?

Sorry for bad critique, I'm a noob so I dont really want to give bad advice :P
ya i'm on my last placement match, lost everyone so problem is not being able to determine how big of a force i need to protect a rush...guess i need to get hydralisks up earlier then

If you're on one base, expand your creep to your ramp as fast as possible with your queen (probably get two queens), and build 2-3 spine crawlers at the ramp.

If you're fast expanding, same idea, but build your crawlers (at least two to start) at your first base while your expansion is building. Once your hatchery is up, migrate your crawlers. May also recommend building two evo chambers in front of the crawlers to reduce your opponent's ranged units effectiveness. You'll also want at least two queens, maybe three.

Make sure you have a creep highway built between your bases too, in case your opponent goes air. 2-3 queens with the speed boost on creep should be able to take care of it.

Either way, you should be fine with ling micro and the crawlers defending the early rush, then depending what your scouting tells you, you'll know to go either roach or hydra (ground v air). You can always tech switch later.
thanks for the tips =D

is corruptors and brood lords a good finisher/attack?
Tim, my friend, corruptors and brood lords are practically never used. Most games don't last that long. Most of the time simple ground forces will suffice.
Higher level games do tend to go longer, so I wouldn't discount corruptors / BL. It's all about what you see.
<br/>A great resource on the zerg forums is the Zerg Scouting Compendium:

Look up pro replays (,'s replay thread) and check out some of the counters they use there.

I'll refrain from adding too much detail here. A simple search ("thor counter, void ray counter" etc.) will typically help you find the right counters, in addition to the challenge maps in single.
mmk thanks a bunch for all your input
Hey, check back on this thread later today or tomorrow. I will look at your replay and respond later today.

EDIT: Honestly, I don't think anyone here knows what the hell they are talking about.
meh i wouldn't watch it now, as it is practice ty tho..

i'm gonna go check out some replays from the experts ;)
your finisher depends on your opponents endgame strat. Bio or MMM balls are retardely hard until mass lings/Ultralisks. Ultra's with +3 armour+Chitinous Armour are simply devestating to a Bioball. The trick is getting Ultralisks (Lair->Infestation Pit->Hive->Ultra Cavern), which takes alot of gas.

Brood Lords with Corruptor/Muta support can work as well, micro the corrs to take down the 'vacs, and muta's to harass the 'rines.

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