The worst experience of my life.

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so me and my brother play 2v2, both roll zerg against 2 protoss. we start and right away send drones to scout, we see one guy already has a wall and 2 gateways and is puumping Zealots (WTF???) but the other was just now building his wall with pylons and had no gateways so we zergling rushed him, killed him, and he backed out. 2 v 1... easy win. we mass an army outside his base and try to rush in, only to find out he has covered every square inch of his base with pylons and photon cannons.... fine. whatever. we have an army camp outside his base and just expand/tech, i had 4 expansions and my brother had 3, with every unit unlocked (at one point i was spawning 14 ultralisks at the same time) build a tunnel into his base, rush in, and accomplish nothing. we did this time and time again with every unit and every strategy, going for pylons, cannons, his main base, everything, and were always instantly cut down.

We did everything right, made sure he couldnt expand, cut off his minerals, expanded all over the map, and made huge armies to attack him but in the end it took us ONE HOUR AND ELEVEN MINUTES to finally kill all his @!!* and win. he then said lol and backed out... im fairly positive he was AFK for most of the match.

It was painful. we had considered backing out but it seemed soooo silly just because there was no possible way he would win, but WTF did we do wrong? has this happened to anyone else???? If anyone knows the solution to mass photon cannons/pylons (specific unit, strategy, etc) please tell me!
This has happened to me as well. I end up winning against turtling terran and protoss, but it always seems to take way to long.
broodlords + "a" move with some air support is the answer.

Broodlords out range the cannons ... One broodlord can destroy 1000 cannons alone. True story. Just back it up with Muta/Corruptor/Hydra to make sure the enemy doesn't just snipe your broodlords. They may be slow but they pack a huge punch and are the Zerg's Siege unit. So just keep their support out of range of the enemies static defense and you'll do fine breaking it all down.
Worst experience of your life? You sure have lived a sheltered life
You my friend, have lived a very good life so far if the worst moment has happened in a video game :)

Whenever someone turtles I take the map, build a huge army, hold them in, and just short of 200 supply I build 6 broodlords and a move them across the enemy base.

This will break a siege 100% of the time.
It's really really fun to just mass fully upgraded banelings off like 4-5 bases worth of economy and just rally them to his base lol. If you time it right you can send hordes of banelings in packs so that they won't die by running in single file.

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