When are zerg going to get balanced in?

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Anyone know if blizzard plans on helping the zerg race anytime soon? It should be pretty obvious to them by now why everyone plays terran lol. I ran 10 insane skill lvl computer vs computer of terran vs zerg in a row to try to get some tips on how to beat our terran friends, however, the zerg lost ALL 10 of them. Am I missing some key thing on how to beat these guys?
um their is a way to beat terran as zerg.
just fend them off till you get broodlords corruptors and mutalisks.
You can also harass their expansions and make them build a ton of defenses then you just need to expand across the mapt make sure your bases are protected
Did I just read this post, lol maybe I should give you a replay or two of mine, I find zerg vs terran go in my favor more than toss vs zerg.
I did this too just now. I watched 5 games though. Zerg got roflstomped each and every time. M/M balls completely destroyed everything the zerg did. AI didn't make any infestors though. Of course by the time the AI could have their base had already been wiped out by that M/M ball.
In the words of Roger Waters.


Simpley put, early in game you can delay the terrans by using lings and banelings.
Bunch the lings and banelings together outisde of the ramp. Run the lings up followed by banelings. The lings will distract the marines/maraudors while the banelings obliterate the buildings.
Yeah its like everything I do they counter retarded hard, usually the only way I win is if they are retarded and let me drop in a portal into thier SCVs. Thats assuming they didnt just sprint into my base with reapers and kite all my roaches to death lol. Quesoxcore I would love to see some replays for some tips on beating them please.
fight with roaches against reapers on creep they are sooo much faster if he tries to kite your roaches micro them.
It's painful reading these responses...
Zerg are more of a player reaction race. In other words computer is never going to beat terran as the computer will never go oh they are doing this so I must do this.

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