early mutas vs protoss

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i've found this to be pretty much flawless thus far. i used to get an early mass of roaches to rip through the zealots, but they started to pump out too many stalkers for me to do anything. i don't think that protoss really have any viable counter for mass mutalisks at all. in the time that it takes you to get a good group of them, you can smash their mineral lines with great ease. a group of mutas is also more than capable of taking out 3-4 photon cannons without much trouble. when they come in to defend with their stalkers, the stalkers drop like flies! with all the mineral line harrassment by this point, they simply don't have the means of building sufficient anti-air to deal with your army. unless the other player predicts that you will be doing this from the start and plays accordingly, i just don't see how it can be stopped

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