Drones or army?

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I have such a hard time beginning to mid-game balancing creating drones and creating an army. I just feel like my economy is always suffering too much and then when I create my second expansion (usually I get to it around 20) I just feel even more pressured to create an army, so my second expansion hardly has any drones going to it until I'm at about 35 supply (I'll have 5 on minerals and one extractor up with 3 going to it, or something like that) because I feel even more stressed about creating more forces to defend it. I keep my queens spawning larva as often as possible, but especially against a protoss massing stalkers and zealots, I never know how to counter it early game because by the time they're rushing me, all I have are roaches and speedlings and usually not enough roaches to be anything formidable. What's the best way to balance drone and force size while keeping a good economy going?

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