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Several times my game will freeze and black lines will shoot up from the bottom of my screen. I'm using a MacBook and I have the game downloaded. Please help.
Could you be specific on what Macbook you have? By that I mean what year was it first bought. A good portion of the older Macbook models have video cards that do not support SC2. Consult the sticky threads for more details.
I have the very first generation Macbook Pro, and it says right on the box that ATI Radeon X1600 is supported.

I have also had several instances when the game would completely freeze. Oddly, these freezes have been almost exclusively in the lobby type areas or upon loading a campaign game, not when I'm playing the actual missions.

Still, I'm just thrilled that I can play Starcraft II on my machine. I never thought it would be possible.
I would like to add that Frost's guide, specifically:


added to the Variables text file

solved everything.

I had crashed five times in a row in the same spot in a loading screen, and this one modification saved me. I've only crashed once or twice since, and I've played for a few hours since.

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