So few zerg :(

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It makes me sad. I love those cuddly little zerglings. It is almost hard to fight them.
Good, means I have to play zvz less.
Hyrdalisks and Ultralisks look badass, and broodlords and roaches look moderately badass. And I predict Queens falling to Rule 34. Every other zerg looks gross.
Good, means I have to play zvz less.


Damn ZvZ is an old man's micro nightmare. I twitch everytime I see a baneling.
Zerg are Blizzard's redheaded stepchild. As much as I like the overall playstyle, the race itself is as bland as bland can get.

Probably gonna switch to Protoss.
I switched to Toss, I do miss Zerg though. Love the banelings, those will always be my favorite unit in Starcraft 2.

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