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SC2 Pisses me the *!*@ off because people some how rush and get like battle cruisers in 5 mins and rush my *!*@ing base. Every god damn *!*@ing game i play i get rushed. It's not very fair because I'm new to SC, how the *!*@ am I supposed get good if people in practice games do this %*%%. I have won 3 games because I got lucky enough to get people who don't do this bull%*%%. They need to make it so this %*%% can't happen. Because of that crap, I'm now thinking that SC2 is a giant waste of $60.00.
Scout better, replays, etc.
Scout better, replays, etc.

The challenge maps are great if you're new to this.
This game is all about being able to counter what your opponent trying to do, so you need to be prepared for early attacks.

Try not expanding fast, and watch the replays of your games and see what your opponent does that makes his strategy work well.
You know, I try. I watch replays and basically try to build up as fast as they do, but it never works. If I could actually get a decent chance and play people around my skill this game would be much more fun. Then, only then, would I ever want to say 'Good Game'.
lol bc rush
Anytime I have lost to BC's it has been 100% my fault for not scouting it in time.
I lol'd rushed battle cruisers in 5 minutes.
On that note, it won't make any difference if they don't rush you. If you're losing to a 6 pool you're gonna lose anyways. If you don't want a competitive game then don't play one. I hear the new Fable game is gonna be pretty cool.
Scout better, replays, etc.


or, he could just come to the forums to rage...that works too i guess.
There are tutorials in the game. Play vs. the computer on easy to learn your build order.
Take some time & learn.

Rushing is perfectly legit. People just want the quick win to earn achievements & higher ranks, so they rush.

Treat every game like its gonna be a rush & you'll do lots better.
Lol, well they pull this stupid crap and basically kill all my SCV's and such. After that, it's purely stupid and I rage quit.
It's an exaggeration TBH, but it makes meh mad whenever people use the same exact tactics and /i cant ever get over 400 minerals basically(another exaggeration).
so you get harassed, do you wall off your base, it is the standard for terran if you can.

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