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Good lord I relocated 3 times, never had the chance to build back up fast enough while walling off. By the time I have to relocate once, It's all aircrafts and My turrets do nothing -.-
Quoted for truth?
or, he could just come to the forums to rage...that works too i guess.

Quoted for truth? = QFT
if you are losing to mass air you have failed, if you attack fast you will make them use there min to build units to hold of your attacks that slows there air alot
Just my own personal opinion, but guys come on... you're not REALLY playing a RTS if you don't cuss up a storm some time. That's part of the excitement! Every now and then you should feel like throwing your keyboard into your monitor and kicking a panda bear in the nuts. That's what makes the genre something special!

As to the OP, go play campaign. Then play Challenges. There is a challenge that helps you practice an initial rush. Then work on any missed Campaign achievements. Then start watching some videos of matches while practicing getting gold on the Challenges. Finally, start playing the AI in matches. Get good at that and then go multi-player. This is the method I've decided to adopt, because I remember the old Starcraft. I'm still getting as many of the campaign achievements and gold challenges, but it has made me a better player already. I'll never be great, though.
Trust me, if you lose to Battlecruisers early on - it's 110% your fault. I have lost a few times too it because I got cocky with my early-mid advantage and didn't keep scouting. All of a sudden when I'm making a push into his base my army gets owned by a few Battlecruisers - gg.
He is playing the practice leagues, which means the bases are rocked off, allowing people to safely rush to build air units.

I still think it would be better to simply skip the practice league, and start playing some bronze league players.
Oh, I never did practice league. I guess just rush for Void Rays + Phoenix if you're Toss on practice league maps. Or you can just warp prism a few DT's into the enemies base - odds are if they're rushing air they won't be prepared for it at all.
Learn counters and scout often. Terran has scanner sweep, so there is no excuse for not knowing what your opponent is up to. If he builds a starport early, get some marines and a raven. If he builds a fusion core, make vikings.

I had a friend who used to get frustrated about being "rushed," but it was just his perception of the game that was off. He thought he could spend 10 to 15 minutes building up a force and then going after his opponent for an epic battle between these fully teched armies. But Starcraft is competitive and you have to interact with your opponent in the first few minutes (harass, scout, or rush) in the first few minutes if you want to succeed. You cannot just stay in your base and pretend that the other guy will wait until you are "ready."

You also seem frustrated that the other player won't give you a reprieve after you relocate your base. He's not supposed to. If you had to relocate your entire base, you almost certainly will lose. Most players will just gg and leave the game if it comes to that.

Practice makes perfect though. It took me several dozen games before it really "clicked" for me.
I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with that
i got one guy with that strat, so (with protoss), i got like 30 stalkers. GG battlecruises.
I thought Stalkers sucked against Cruisers? That's always been my experience. I prefer HT's with some VR's or Phoenixes even over stalkers to counter Battlecruisers.
Start off with the Rush Defense in Challenges.

Perfect at least two build orders in vs 1 AI easy games.

If at anytime you miss a beat queuing up your next worker, or you hit the supply limit, restart.

That's a start, anyhow. Remember what RTS, means.

Real Time = as in really fast, no pausing for your slow brain to chug and process.

Strategy = as in, chess. Or overly complicated tic tac toe, or an overpriced version of rock-paper-scissors.

Practice, or take it in the ass like a man.
if you still in practice league here are some awesome strats

as zerg:
nydus worm, chances are they wont notice it. one guy asked me if lings could climb cliffs after i got in the back of his base

as terran:
go straight for reapers or cloaked banshees

as protoss:
void ray rush, dt rush with warp prism
I am proud to say that, in the beta, I successfully used a similar Zergling rush to what I used in SC1, and defeated opponents who had obviously never played Starcraft before. My goal is to one day get them to come to the forums to #@#!% without actually putting in the same amount of time and effort I put into making sure I didn't completely suck past my initial rush.

Klef, my brothers and sisters in aggressive gameplay salute you.
I'll rush you so hard, you are being a baby because you are being rushed. Just keep practicing against computers, lol. lowest difficulty over and over again then move to the next higher difficulty until you can win alot.
Did you do the practice league? Have you read some tutorials? Did you play the campaign? It's your responsibility to get good at the game, not the game's.

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