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I would honestly watch a lot of high level players with Day[9]'s commentary. First, just see what the general flow of the game is and try to nail down builds and counters (having not played the beta, I'm still getting used to all of them). Then just practice all of the builds against computers until you can switch up builds on the fly. As Day[9] put it, SC2 is not a game where would will have an epiphany mid game and know what to do. You need to be on top of counters throughout the game and make sure you are actively scouting your opponent to monitor his actions.

Finally, just make sure you are always doing something (building workers, expanding, training units, microing) and try to keep the pressure on. If you opponent is teching, you should know because you scouted it out and then hit hard with your forces as soon as possible. If you just let your opponent tech without pressuring him, he will inevitably roll right over you.

Starcraft 2 has an extremely high skill ceiling (which I don't think has been reached yet) so there will be some very good players throughout every league and division. Just keep practicing builds and counters, watch your replays to see what you should have done to win, and keep that in mind as you continue. You will definitely get better and before long, you will be crushing any BC rushes.

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