Playing 3v3 when suddenly "surrender" pops up

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happened to ALL 3 of us simultaneously.

Is that really so hard to detect? I mean what are the chances of something like this happening?

Then of all things the score screen has "error" so we can't even see who we were playing against to report them. Save replay is blanked out. Can't do that. I mean WTF? I can't re-connect and get any info whatsoever about who I was just playing that used that? I have to start to write down everyones name right before the match starts?

I didn't expect it to happen to me so soon after reading about it on the forums.

I'm rather infuriated that I bought such an expensive game and then ended up facing cheaters within my first 40 games. I mean wow. I'm kinda shocked blizzard could be so bad with their design. All 3 players get lagged out on one team and it doesn't instantly shoot up a red flag for the game masters equivalent to come check out the record of the person they were playing against???

This is the type of thing that once discovered would be VERY EASY to stomp if you just take direct action. Find someone that used it. Ban them. Then make a big public announcement about how you will be looking into suspicious cases and banning people. Instead you have done NOTHING. 100% absolutely ZERO. So more and more people are going to use it. Maybe that is what you want so you can ban like 100,000 accounts and make an extra 6 mill. I dunno. But your response in the first few days of this has been pathetic.
welcome to Gaming.

it is always a tug of war: New game comes out new hack is created for said game. Patch comes out to stop hack new hack is made to by pass the patch. Just a take the one loss and think about how stupid the person drop hacking you is because they spent 60 bucks on a game that they will get banned from without ever playing becuase they just drop hack everyone.
You have a game history. Get them while the "can't change your name" feature is still in effect.
It's more profitable to ban cheaters in waves every few months forcing them to buy the game again and carry on cheating.

That way Blizzard gets to brag about how they don't tolerate cheating while making a tidy sum in the process.
You it could have been a glich on the server. Not saying it was but it could have been.

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