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So in a recent game I played against a toss player I basically surrounded his whole army with roaches from behind. I left my hydras completely by themselves as my roaches circled around through the Line of sight blocking grass. Even though I completely decimated him, is it better to leave the roaches to absorb the damage against a better player? He focused the roaches which was pretty stupid IMO, but the question remains, surround and leave my dps units vulnerable, or play it safe and keep the meat shields.
roaches are awesome meat shields, I personally like ling + roach + hydra so you have 2 layers of meat.
Im not asking how awesome of tanks they are, im asking if its smart to leave my hydras undefended to get a complete surround.
as long as the roaches are in between the hydra and the enemy its good, I normally let the AI do its thing, it does a pretty good job of arcing around the enemy.

The only thing is they can retreat pretty easily unless you flank them or surround.

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