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Reaper rushes annoy the hell out of me, seriously I've been ganked early by just 1 reaper because they can jump up/down and avoid my zealots, and they seem to get them way, way early compared to Protoss ranged units. Am I the only one who has a problem with this? I'm a new player, second day with the game, played some online matches and I seem to get owned by these units before I can even get a forge out sometimes. I admit I'm a terrible player, but I think they make it a little unfair that all a player has to do is jump down, run away, jump back up, shoot, run, shoot and they can pretty much cripple me with even just one reaper. Why do all the minerals you start by have to be by a cliff? IDK if this was like this in SC1 but I didn't play it. Someone tell me if I'm failing too hard or if crap like this is a serious problem.
This was never in SC1, they are a new unit. However, when you're playing Terran you have to anticipate this and build Stalkers. If you're going cannons, PRIORITIZE cannons. Don't do other crap like gateway. You just want cannons as fast as possible. If you half-ass both gateway and forge, you're not going to have anything to defend yourself.
Fast stalker. You pretty much have to fast stalker against Terran no matter what.
Reapers take a long time to make...

Like the guy said, you pretty much have to go stalker vs terran every time. Make sure you got enough gas for that stalker as soon as the cyber is done and have a chrono saved for it too.
I had the exact same problem when i started however i managed to fix it with

first pilon
chrono boost 3 probes
build 1 gateway asap
then get your gas as soon as you can
build 2nd pilon when you gateway is just over 1/2 way done
once you gateway is done get your cybernetics ASAP (i skip my first zealot after scouting with 1 probe and see they are going for reapers)
as soon as your cyber is done go for stalkers (chrono boost)

from then on you should be going stalkers (i get around 3) and spreading them around the cliff)

then continue with your build.

Im a new player to the game so if anyone can see any errors please fix

If you think terran is going to reaper rush you, go one gateway and Cybernetics core and chrono burst your stalker and keep pumping two or more stalkers timing is pretty much the key against rushes and that one stalker pretty much end their rush.
reapers annoyed the crap outta me in beta for 1st week or so, just need minimald against them

terran 1-2 marauders
toss 1 stalker or 1 cannon, depending on build
zerg---think 1 queen, least familiar with zerg
Your lucky reapers were nerfed in beta. Back in beta reapers didn't have to research anything for them, making them a lot more annoying. Simply by now you can have made stalkers by the time they send even a reaper or be halfway making some.
If your zerg against a reaper rush get speedlings and a queen(which you should have right after your spawning pool finishes, and get roaches as fairly quickly.
Cannons are useless against Reepers.

You need a fast Stalker. For Zerg, Zerglings on creep can keep up with them, so it's a lot easier for them to be competitive.

I don't really bother reaper rushing Zerg that often. They can fend them off as long as they didn't do something stupid and go all econ.

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