Cheap Laptop for SC2?

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Anyone have any suggestions for a sub $700 laptop that would be able to play SC2 on like low settings?

My brother wants to play the game, but he would need a computer first and space is an issue so a desktop would not be ideal.
Honestly for SC2 with a laptop you're going to be spending more than $700. I'd strongly recommend upping your laptop budget by $300-500 before hoping to get a good framerate on SC2 with any settings. Unless laptops have gotten significantly cheaper in the last year or so, I am pretty certain about what I'm saying. However, I will look around for an example of a laptop that you would enjoy playing SC2 on.
It is better than my laptop, which runs SC2 decently on modest settings until the unit count approaches 400+ (not to be confused with food, I literally mean the number of units in play). It also has a nice big screen and a numpad which is nice.
Thanks, I appreciate the help.
$749.99 I take back what I said earlier. This is also probably a bit of a better deal than the last one I posted, but honestly, for a laptop I'd get it from Best Buy and get the black tie protection so that when the inevitable irreparable damage happens you can get the thing replaced without paying for a whole new computer.
Dude you are the man, thanks. This looks really good.
And yeah that Best Buy deal is sounding pretty good.

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