Is it 10.6 or is it just MacBook Pros?

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So I myself have 10.5.8 and still suffer some serious lag and am forced to put my settings to low in order to play. I have GeForce 8600GT, is that the problem right there? I find it ridiculous that my 2-3 year old Macbook Pro is only capable of playing this game on low settings. The low graphics are the equivalent of Warcraft 3 and i've never had any lag issues with WC3.
It's probably a little of both.

I have a Macbook Pro with a 9600m GT and I have to play mostly on Low/Medium settings. I also have BootCamp with Win7 on that same machine and I play with Low/Medium settings on that, but it runs better than on 10.6.4.
its 10.6.4 they screwed up most of the drivers when they sent that out keep in mind they only screwed up the NVIDIA drivers. but it didn't matter much cause apple's drivers are way behind windows anyways so hold out guys apple. blizzard. and NVIDIA. are working on it:D.
It's multiple things.

1. Starcraft 2 has bugs. The shaders eat up the VRAM like no tomorrow. Even on a GT330M I have to reboot the machine every few missions if I have the shaders on medium because it goes from 60fps playable in 3 missions to 10fps on the 4th mission.

2. nVidia screwed up majorly on 10.6.4. But has always had bad drivers under OS X. I've said this probably a hundred times on the WoW forums, but if you're in the market for a new Mac, like an iMac or Mac Pro and you have a choice of graphics cards, for the love of Kerrigan go with ATI.

Even on the PC side I have had so many faulty cards and crappy drivers to troubleshoot from nVidia in the last few years that I don't even bother with them when I'm building PCs anymore.

Several years ago back when they did a complete revamp of the architecture from the 5000 series to the 6800s, nVidia was known for being better. Especially on Linux. ATI's cards were typically longer lasting, but underpowered. But not anymore. Not by a long shot. ATI has been king in both for a while now. Especially on OS X. The performance ratio on NATIVE games from Windows to Mac on an ATI card is negligible. We're talking 2-3fps.

I came to the forum to ask about this issue, it sounds like I'm burned by having modern hardware. Great. :| Guess I'll install on my PC (and I am fortunate that I have that option).
I've got a MB Air with an nVidia 9400M. The MB Air processor and video card are low to begin with, but I figured I'd give downgrading the video drivers a try.

I booted my computer of an external disk (for simplicity, I installed 10.6 on to a thumb drive as its a bad idea to actively mess with drivers/extensions on an active boot partition). I then used Pacifist on a 10.6.3 combo installer and took out the nVidia extensions, replaced them in my system folder & repaired permissions (found a thread on Apple discussions saying how to do this).

When I rebooted & retried Starcraft 2, I didn't notice much difference. Either the issue doesn't effect the 9400M or the card is already slow enough that the difference isn't really noticeable...
What Frost said is right. NVidia+Mac=bad most of the time. It's that way with WoW, too.

I've got a 2009 Mac Pro (Xeon W3520 quadcore, 6 GB ECC 1066 DDR3 RAM, 512 MB ATI 4870) and I run the game on Ultra for everything but textures, and those are on high (says 1 GB card recommended for Ultra textures), and I don't have any trouble. Nothing gets hot, nothing gets slow, it runs really well, and the game looks beautiful at 1920x1080 on my 24" widescreen monitor. So, OS X isn't necessarily the problem. Most of the people I see with SC2 problems either have Nvidia video, or don't have great processor/RAM setups.

SC 2 is CPU intensive. So, the more fast RAM/CPU power you have, the better off you'll be, as my example pretty much shows. This is not a game where a high-end video card will carry you through with slower front-side and CPU.

(I'm an IT professional, and I run 4-6 different VMs at once a lot of times, if anyone really wants to know why I would have such a machine. :D )

Oh, and running SC2 on my Bootcamped Win 7/64 on this hardware doesn't work as well as it does on the Mac side, for those who say Windows is the answer for everything gaming...

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