how to beat mass voids with zerg?

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i didnt c this thread up and i didnt bother looking very hard either but anyways... im sick of protoss going mass voids and tanking theier base so i can slow them down any advise ?
Infestor/Hydra for Fungal Growth and kill, or mass Muta, will rock it before they hit critical mass of maybe 12-15+.
kk cuz the last game i was ini mass hydra and roachs but still got my ass kicked i did a good hurass but voids just rocked me which is kinda gay cuz mass voids come on man put some skill in ur army ....
Hydralisks are very strong in damage, weak in hp.
Voidrays are strong in damage if charged, weak in hp. So, get your hydralisks under the void rays (before thier fully charged if possible) and put a few volleys of spikes into the viod rays and its dead.

Edit: like the person above me said, SCOUT SCOUT SCOUT!
if you see gas going up very early, be prepared. Its 10000000% worth it to sac an overlord for scouting info. 1 overlord has saved the whole game for me many times.

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