Zealots or Stalkers?

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So I was stuck in a weird situation a bit ago. Backgroud info.

2v2 I'm in random platinum. It's me and another protoss versus a terran and zerg. I go for DT rush and my partner goes for collosi. They scout DT rush and it fails, they send overseers with their first big push. It consists of zerglings and marauders. I have 4 gateways up and my main force of a combo zealots and stalkers is destroyed. We're now in a bad position. I notice he has concussive shell and I haven't researched charges. I decide that stalkers is my best option to warp in. Even though the marauder force gets double damage versus my stalkers, it's better option then getting no damage at all from getting zealots kited. My partner freaks out on my, cussing me out and screaming to warp in zealots.

So the question is which would be a better choice given the option?
Your best option is to leave your team-mate. If he's cursing over 1 2v2 match then he doesn't deserve to progress any further. On the other hand, if all of them are like that grin and bear it. I think you did the right thing by warping in Stalkers to try and get more damage in, but if your ally thinks otherwise let him know with a courteous walk out of the match.
Well we ended up winning so it worked out in end, I just wanted other opinions on the subject.
I would get a 2:1 ration of zealot to stalkers with charged zealots. Marauders with concussive shell can kite a group of zealots but stalkers will stop them from kiting and kill them(because stalkers are faster than most units) . Then as they stand still, Charged zealots will own marauders when they are surrounded.

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